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Note : Bloor Homes Viaduct Site planning proposal – Update…..

Ledbury Town Council have now submitted their objections to Herefordshire Council Planners, together with a newly commissioned independent report, which highlights issues with the latest proposals from Bloor Homes which provides just one vehicular entrance/exit to this large estate.

The report can be read via Ledbury Town Council’s website here.

Herefordshire Council have also registered receipt of this report as shown in the “Representations” section of the Bloor Planning Application page [P171532] here.

Here’s a link to the planning officer’s report written by the Council planners in preparation for the Planning and Regulatory Committee on Wednesday the 13th November at 10am.


So What Next?

This planning application will be considered at the next Herefordshire Council Planning and Regulatory Committee on Wednesday 13 November 2019 at 10.00am. The meeting will be held at The Shirehall, St Peter’s Square, Hereford, HR1 2HX.

Councillor Liz Harvey shall be speaking out strongly against the proposed single access and I’m sure would really appreciate a good presence of concerned individuals in the public gallery who by just by being present and observing, will act as a strong show of support against the inadequacy of this  single entrance/exit to this large estate.

Our main concern is the traffic chaos and potential gridlock at the bottleneck under the railway bridge junction near Ledbury Train Station…..and the fact that ALL traffic, [lorries, vans, buses, cars and bikes], will be forced through that narrow gap.   This will bring many detrimental effects to the area.   e.g. traffic Rat-Runs through the surrounding villages, danger to pedestrians and cyclists, delays to services (including emergency services) …..the list goes on…….

Wellington Heath Parish Council are also looking into the possibility of organising transport for anyone needing taking there and back….so if you strongly want to go but have transport issues, then please let a Parish Councillor know and we might be able to help.

If you go independently then please get there in good time as there will be security checks at the doors…so add plenty of time to allow for this and getting parked up.

Please  keep checking this webpage for updates…..and Peter Constantine’s excellent weekly News Round-Up page on the village website – his next weekly report will be published on Monday.  https://sites.google.com/site/wellingtonheath/community/parish-news


Finally, we all owe an enormous gratitude to Councillor Liz Harvey and Ledbury Town Council for all their hard work in this matter and to former Parish Councillor Frank Rozelaar who originally brought this issue to our attention several years ago.



Wellington Heath Councillors are:

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