Wellington Heath Parish Council


Jennifer Jones (Chair)
David Williams (Vice-Chair  & Chair of Planning Committee)
David Packman
Richard Kitto
Marc Low (Footpath Officer, Newsletter Editor & Website)

Clerk: Mary Barnett  (Website Admin)

Contact details can be found in the Parish Newsletter delivered quarterly to each household in the parish.

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The Wellington Heath NDP has now been officially Adopted

(18 Oct 2018).

We are pleased to announce, (after careful scrutiny, and following a clear majority vote from the community), that the Wellington Heath Neighbourhood Development Plan (WHNDP) has now been ADOPTED and forms part of the overall larger Development Plan for Herefordshire.

A history of the various stages of this NDP’s journey to adoption can be found on the following Herefordshire Council web page here

We thank and congratulate all the members of the WHNDP working party, and everyone else involved, who’s combined efforts over these past few years contributed to this successful adoption.  We also thank the community for giving their support by turning out to vote.

Please see our seperate “Neighbourhood Development Plan” Page (under thePlanning in Wellington Heathmenu above) for more information.

The council meets once every two Months at the Wellington Heath Memorial Hall.

An Agenda [and next meeting date] will be posted on this website prior to each meeting. [Please see link to the forthcoming “Agenda” below].

Draft minutes will be posted on this website.

Approved minutes will be posted and retained on this web site after the next meeting.