Wellington Heath Parish Council

Councillors      Jennifer Jones     Chairperson                                         dualsportmotorcycles@live.co.uk
                          Frank Rozelaar   Chair of Planning Committee           frankrozelaar@gmail.com
                          David Williams                                                                  dhwilliams@doctors.org.uk
                          David Packman                                                                  packmanpacky@aol.com
Clerk                 Mary Barnett                                                                     marym.abarnett@btinternet.com


Neighbourhood Development Plan consultation is open until 30 June 2017

Planning application for >600 homes at Ledbury viaduct still open

See the Parish Council response to the proposed Ledbury Viaduct development here


Your Parish council is the closest tier of government to you.

The council meets every other month at Wellington Heath Memorial Hall

Agendas will be posted on this web site prior to each meeting.

Draft minutes will be posted on this website.

Approved minutes will be posted and retained on this web site after the next meeting.