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IMPORTANT NOTICE FROM THE COUNCIL (Reference Bloor Homes’ recent development proposal access amendments to the Bromyard Road access [B4214])

The Ledbury Parish Poll results (15th Aug ) are now published on Ledbury Town Parish website and can be read on this link here.

Aprox. 95% voted “NO” in the Poll and 5%  voted “YES“.  This, despite the low turn-out of circa 15% of qualifying voters, represents an overwhelmingly significant amount of objection to the most recent proposal put forward by Bloor Homes to keep access to the Bromyard Road only.

In the meantime we, (the Wellington Heath Parish Council), are intending to circulate a leaflet to all households in our parish of Wellington Heath encouraging all parishioners to submit new representations directly to Herefordshire planners regarding these recently published amended transport and pedestrian access proposals for the North of the Viaduct development.  It is likely that these final responses from individuals in Wellington Heath, will reflect the results of Ledbury’s recent poll and go some way in influencing the final planning decision.

Congratulations go to Cllr Liz Harvey for organising this Ledbury Town Parish Poll, and all those that helped in its organisation.


Wellington Heath Councillors are:

Jennifer Jones (Chair)
David Williams (Vice-Chair  & Chair of Planning Committee)
Mark Beaumont
Richard Kitto
Marc Low (Footpath Officer, Newsletter & Website Editor and Tweeter)

Clerk: Mary Barnett  (Website Admin)

Contact details can be found in the Parish Newsletter delivered quarterly to each household in the parish.

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The council meets once every two Months at the Wellington Heath Memorial Hall on the last Tuesday of the Month.

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