Parish Council Business

The Parish Council agenda on this page will be updated shortly before each meeting

Meetings are normally held in the Peter Garnett Room, Memorial Hall, Wellington Heath on  a Tuesday at 7.30pm

Please note that this meeting is to be held on a Wednesday


Mary Barnett, Clerk, 2 New Cottages, Clenchers Mill Lane, Eastnor, Ledbury

Tel: 01531 635103.

Councillors are summoned to attend the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council which will be held at the Memorial Hall, Wellington Heath on Wednesday 24th May 2017 at 7.30pm when the following business will be transacted


1. Elect Chairman for 2017/18 & sign declaration of acceptance of office.

  1. Elect Vice Chairman for 2017/18

  2. To appoint Greendawn Accounting as Internal Auditors, if agreed.

  3. To appoint Planning Committee and Chairman.

  4. To appoint Finance Committee.

  5. To appoint Cluster Group member.

  6. To confirm cheque signatories (JJ, FR & DW).

  7. Declarations of Interest in items on the Agenda.

  8. To confirm Minutes of meeting held on 21st March 2017.

  9. Financial – (i) to approve payment of the following Accounts –

HMRC – One not paid by S/O £63.50

Truprint – NDP £140.00 + vat

Truprint – Newsletter £250.00.

Lengthsman – March £225.00.

Lengthsman (April) £70.00.

Marion Griffiths, payroll £65.00.

Came & Co – insurance £280.00.

Data Orchard £758.88 + vat

Ben Andrews, willow tree £160.00. (paid)

Aspect Design, NDP copies £190.00. (paid)

Groundwork UK (repayment) £1,017.00. (paid)

Newsquest, advertisement re NDP £222.00. (paid)

  1. To approve Annual Governance Statement for 2016/17

  2. To approve audited Accounts to 31st March 2017.

  3. To approve Annual Return to 31st March 2017.

  1. Update on:- (1) NDP – FR

(2) Pool Piece (arrange inspection by H/Council or Wicksteed)

  1. Items for consideration:

  • Old Infants School.

  • Adoption of Risk Management Policy & timetable.

  1. Planning – Viaduct Site and Perrycroft, Floyds Lane.

  2. Reports – Memorial Hall.

  • Lengthsman/P3 Scheme.

  1. Correspondence and Literature received.

  2. Public Question time.

  3. Items for next Agenda.

Mary Barnett – Clerk to the Council.