Parish Council Business

The Parish Council agenda on this page will be updated shortly before each meeting.

Meetings are normally held in the Peter Garnett Room, Memorial Hall, Wellington Heath on the last Tuesday of every other Month at 7.30pm.

Members of the Parish community are most welcome to attend and there will be an opertunity for you to ask questions at the end of every meeting.


2 New Cottages, Clenchers Mill Lane, Eastnor, Ledbury, HR8. 1RR.

Councillors are summoned to attend a Meeting of the Parish Council to be held in the Memorial Hall, Wellington Heath on Tuesday, 29th January 2019 at 7.30pm when the following business will be transacted –



  1. Apologies for absence.
  2. To confirm Minutes of Meeting held on 27th November 2018.
  3. Declarations of interest in Agenda items – personal and prejudicial and requests for dispensation.
  4. Open Session –  (1)  County Councillor Report.

(2)  Public question time on planning and local issues,

  1. Update Reports on matters raised at last meeting –
  • Defibrillator – training for use of machine.
  • Pool Piece – Recent advice from HALC regarding wilful damage to site in Herefordshire and need for inspection of this site on a regular monthly basis.
  • Report on Parish Council summit on 24th January 2019 – ML & DP
  • Confirmation that the NDP working group website has now been dismantled.
  1. Items for consideration –
  • Road closure at bridge and traffic calming options for the Parish.
  • 2nd May 2019 Election – need to change date of May meeting.
  • To consider Ledbury Town Council request for donation towards independent transport Consultant assessment on the “Bloor” proposals for access to the viaduct housing site.
  • WM Police discontinuing their monthly newsletters and instead focus on their web page and offer to attend a minimum of two meetings per year for each Parish Council in Herefordshire .
  • To consider offer of presentations & talks by Paul Crumpton, West Mercia police on a regular basis.-
  • Offer of Grant for local green spaces.
  • Scouts offer.
  1. Financial matters – (1) To pass resolution to delegate power to Clerk on a temporary basis to ensure Invoices are paid during the months when there is no scheduled Council meeting. Two cheque signatories will be required in the usual way.

(2) to approve payment of the following Accounts –


(a) Gordon Kirk @ The Pleck & Little Pleck                    £26.21.

(b) Clerk, salary January 2019                                         £278.20

(c) Clerk, salary December   2018                                    £278.20.(paid)

(d) PAYE December  (payable January)                          £46.80. (paid)

(e) PAYE for January 2019 payable February                £47.00.

( e2) Kevin Reid – mowing at Pool Piece (12 cuts)        £220.00.

(f) Memorial Hall, hire fees                                                £48.00.

(g) Ledbury Fencing (Lengthsman duties  – Dec)           £50.00.

(h) Clerk salary for February 2019                                  £278.20.

(i) Truprint Litho – Newsletter                                       £255.00.

(j) Clerk – allowances and expenses                              TBA.

  1. Reports
    1. Memorial Hall – ML
    2. Lengthsman/P3 Scheme – public footpath diversion request –  ML.

3. Planning  applications received including –

(a)  Squatters Cottage – reply sent.

(b)  Myrtle Cottage – reply sent.

(c)  Winsford.

(d)  Woodmill Cottage.

(e)  Viaduct site amended plan.

(f) Land opposite Council houses.



  1. Information Sheet – circulated to Councillors prior to the meeting
  2. Councillor reports – Councillors to report on minor matters of information on the Agenda, not included elsewhere, and to raise items for the next meeting.
  3. Confirm date for future meetings.


Mary Barnett,

Clerk to the Council/Tel: 01531 635103.