Footpath Volunteers

Footpath Volunteer Group sessions are open to all, and there is no pressure for you to turn up, (only come if you are well and are free to spare the time). Schedules of works and site locations will be published here in advance. [See below].    Please make sure you bring enough to drink, as its thirsty work, (and any snacks you feel you may need).   Take regular breaks and ensure you wear suitable workwear as well as bringing the right gear for the job.  Always be safe-aware and work carefuly & responsibly with your fellow volunteers and the public in general!

The work is varied and you are welcome to swap between the various types of activities such as grass/hedge trimming, branch cutting, raking & bagging/stacking.

Sessions will begin at 9.30am and usually end by 1pm (sometimes a tad earlier).

We often round up sessions with a lunchtime drink/snack or early evening dinner at The Farmers Arms………….this is usually arranged on the day (according to everyone’s preference and availablility).

Please report to Marc or Allan when you turn up, who will advise you of what needs doing.

  • Marc Low (Parish Footpath Officer/Parish Councillor)
  • Allan Wood (Lengthsman Coordinator)



2019 Spring Season Schedule

We have now set some dates for the early 2019 group sessions, and they are as follows:

  1. Fri May 3rd -Ochre Hill/Dogberry/Frith Wood [details below]
  2. Fri May 24th
  3. Fri June 21st
  4. Fri July 26th

We are still in the process of allocating work schedules for dates from Fri 24th May, but as soon as these are finalised we will send these out to you via email so you know where to turn up on each day.  We will also post the details here on this page.

We’ll try and mix it up a bit in 2019 and introduce a couple of new footpaths and public areas (I know some of you are keen to explore some of the less known and less used footpaths in remote parts of the Parish)…..which is great as it makes the sessions more interesting.

As these dates fall between March and August, and therefore bird nesting season, our focus will be on strimming, and where possible some branch cutting (i.e. branches that lay on, or obstruct footpath access)…..of which there are a fair few after the recent storms.

So please mark these dates in your diary and I’ll email off and post more details here as soon as I have more info to give you.


Fri May 3rd -Ochre Hill/Dogberry/Frith Wood 

The plan is as follows:

  1. A quick strim up the steps at Ochre Hill [15 mins or so]
  2. A quick strim and tidy up on the short footpath down to the start of Dogberry field [15 mins or so]
  3. A quick strim and tidy up on the short footpath from Dogberry field to the bridge over the brook [20 mins or so]
  4. A quick strim and tidy up on the short footpath up to Frith Wood [45 mins or so]
  5. A quick strim and tidy up (and branch cut) on the 2 x short footpaths that run left and right alongside Frith Wood [45 mins or so …..each side]

Its mainly strimming with a bit of branch cutting….so strimmers are a must [if you have one], sheers, branch loppers,saws and secateurs will be handy.


What sort of things might I need to bring in order to take part?

  • Suitable garden clothes
  • Strong thorn-proof gloves
  • Sunglasses (if sunny)
  • Visor or Face Guard/Ear Defenders…….. if Strimming etc.
  • Strimmer/Brush Cutter/Hedge Trimmer
  • Shears
  • Rakes
  • Pruners (Large/Small)
  • Chainsaw or manual branch Saw
  • Fuel for tools [Marc will provide 2-stroke fuel on the day]
  • Green Sacks – in case disposal of green waste is required. [although this will be left in situ if possible].
  • Water/Soft Drinks/Biscuits/Snacks