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(26 January 2022)

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We are all potential victims of fraud, especially during these hard financial times.  So it is comforting to know that West Mercia Police have a website devoted to understanding more about this. 

Click here to be re-directed to their site and for more information.

Fraud comes in many guises: from criminal Door-to-Door canvassers or phoney emails from what appears to be your bank, to romance scams aimed at scamming the lonely and vulnerable in the community.   The West Mercia Police website gives insight about these various forms of fraud & scams, how to spot them, and how to prevent them from doing any further damage.

As well as learning about how to avoid them, there are also links to further information on:

  • how to report a fraud when you identify one, (or suspected fraud)
  • how you can warn others by reporting it
  • other organisations such as “Action Fraud” with their own set of tips and advice


Please note the Parish Council are looking for new Councillors to join their team.   If you would like to discuss what’s involved, or ways you can help, then please speak to one of the current Councillors listed at the bottom of the page or contact Mary (the PC Clerk) who will be please to put you in touch with one of the Councillors.



Draft Minutes from the PC meeting on the 30th November 2021 can be found here.


The Parish Council (Finance Group) met on Tuesday 16th November 2021 and have put forward, for approval at the next PC meeting, a Budget for the year 2022/23.   You can view these proposed Budget Figures by clicking here.

Free Bus Travel

Herefordshire Council are trying to encourage anybody and everybody to make use of free weekend bus travel. People can hop on and off any bus in the county, as many times as they like. No fares. The only condition is that the journey must be entirely within the county.

People can use the bus to travel to Hereford city, market towns, leisure centres, meet friends/family or visit somewhere new to tick it of their ‘Bus It’ list.

Please see the poster here.

Free weekend bus travel is just one element of the Covid-19 Recovery Plan, which is providing funding of £6m to support the county in its recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic.

There are additional services on Sundays serving several locations including Bromyard, Ledbury, Leominster, Kington and Colwall. Bus travel will remain free to residents of pensionable age, and those with a qualifying disability through the English National Concessionary Travel Scheme (ENCTS).

For more information about the scheme please visit www.herefordshire.gov.uk/bus-it

The Village Drainage Issue

The PC have written to Herefordshire Council regarding the drainage issue in the Parish, and our MP Bill Wiggin has advised the Parish Council that he is also taking up the matter with Herefordshire Council.

Please click here to view the letter.



Bloor Homes Viaduct Site Given the Go-ahead for development – despite huge local objection and the adverse impact this will cause

Both Wellington Heath Parish Council (WHPC) & Ledbury Town Council (LTC) are extremely disappointed that the Secretary of State has found in favour of Bloor Homes at the recent Appeal Hearing, and that the 625 new homes at the viaduct site development will now go ahead with just one vehicular access onto the Bromyard Road.

LTC have written a press release with a full account on this link here and we urge you to read this for more information.

The Ledbury Reporter also covered this in a recent article available online here.

This news is a great disappointment to the community and will no doubt be on the agenda at future PC Meetings.


It is once again the season for potholes.   Please do your bit to report any you find in your travels and Herefordshire Council will do their best to get these addressed ASAP.

Neil James our Locality Steward (Balfour Beatty Services) who is responsible for overseeing this has given us the following info:

To report via the phone, please call the team on 01432 261800

…or if you prefer just go to the following webpage where you can pinpoint where the pothole is on a map and add notes that might help the team locate the pothole : https://myaccount.herefordshire.gov.uk/report-a-pothole 



Lockdown has been lifted as from 19 July 2021 with most legal restrictions lifted [we are at step 4].  Please however continue to stay safe and to follow the Government Guidelines here 

  • For the latest Covid-19 information visit Herefordshire Council’s website    –please click here


  • Informataion about Herefordshire Council’s support for vulnerable residents who remain in their homes during the Covid-19 lockdown can be found at this website

    The Talk Community Covid-19 helpline continues to operate for those more vulnerable residents who are unable to source support from family, friends or their local community with food supplies, medication delivery or befriending.  They can also support registration for online shopping slots that have been allocated to Herefordshire with Tesco and Iceland and for CEV’s through the national system.



Wellington Heath’s own volunteer-run COVID-19 local helpline for residents in the ParishPat Beaumont & Sue Barnes have asked us to remind everyone that the Wellington Heath Battle Group remains available to provide local support to the Parish if needed.  Pat  & Sue have the following message for everyone:

Well, here we go again, lockdown for another 4 weeks. As the Government’s strategy to combat and delay the spread of the Coronavirus starts to take effect, we are aware that some in the village may require more support than others. But not to worry the Wellington Heath Coronavirus Battle Group is here to help once again, so if anyone finds it difficult to get their groceries or medicines, then please give us a call. We have also agreed to open the outside lending library once again outside the Memorial Hall so when you go for your walk you can pick up a book to read when you get back home.”

“Don’t forget hands, face, space and stay safe.”         

Contact Details : Pat Beaumont (01531 579347) & Sue Barnes (01531 248472)


Vaccinations The NHS is nearing the very end of its initial 2 x vaccination roll-out campaign….. with vaccine now being offered to:

  • everyone aged 12 or over
The NHS will continue to offer the free COVID-19 2 x part vaccine to everyone age 12 and over.
A new Booster vaccine will also be offered to anyone who has had the initial 2 x vaccines.   You will automatically be contacted by the NHS/GP Surgery around 6 months after you had your 2nd dose – to arrange an appointment for the booster.       


The Talk Community Covid-19 helpline continues to operate for those more vulnerable residents who are unable to source support from family, friends or their local community.  Please contact us on 01432 260027 or email talkcommunityhelpline@herefordshire.gov.uk or go to Coronavirus – Talk Community support for more information and to complete an online support form.


Reducing loneliness Living Letters is a project that connects people and develops intergenerational friendships to help prevent loneliness during the coronavirus pandemic. The Chickenshed charity has volunteers aged from 18-21 who want to connect with senior members of communities. If you have care homes or group settings that may benefit from this scheme to help prevent lockdown loneliness.


Funding highlights

Up to date information on all funding opportunities is listed in the Herefordshire Council funding update.



Please note that guidance continues to change, so it is best to check on www.gov.uk regularly.



The Police & Crime Commissioners Election results for West Mercia and the West Midlands regions have been published.

John-Paul Campion (Conservative) was re-elected for the West Mercia region and will serve another 4 years.

Simon Foster (Labour) was also re-elected for the West Midlands region and will serve another 4 years.

A link to these results can be found here



The latest minutes from the 4th September 2020 Wellington Heath NDPWG (Neigbourhood Development Plan Working Group) review meeting (and previous meetings) can be found on this page  here

Please also note that a revised version of the NDP for 2020 (in DRAFT) can be downloaded by clicking here




  • The Ledbury Recycling Centre is open.

HOWEVER YOU MUST BOOK YOUR SLOT ONLINE IN ADVANCE here.  You will need to enter your PostCode, find your address from the pull-down list of properties, select the centre from the centres available and also enter your car registration number.  You will be given the available days/time-slots (that have not already been booked).  Simply select one, and confirm reservation, and you will be emailed an appointment pass which is numbered and which will need to be printed and displayed on your car dash. (or shown on a mobile phone when asked at the gate).     NB: The allocation of slots has increased to 1 visit per week per household.   Please remember to turn up at the correct time. 

Roadworks and Planned Closures

You can search for planned roadworks by visiting: https://one.network/    Then searching for “Ledbury (Wellington Heath)” in the search box.  (select the time period such as “Next two weeks” from the pull-down box of time periods above).

For the latest village information, including regular weekly news updates and village newsletters, be sure to visit the Village Website by clicking here.

Wellington Heath Councillors currently are:

Jennifer Jones (Chair)
David Williams (Vice-Chair  & Chair of Planning Committee)
Heloise Tierney
John Tearle
Roy Barnes


Clerk: Mary Barnett

eMail:  clerk@wellingtonheathpc.org

Tel: 01531 635103

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