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Fraudsters are back in action …….claiming to be from the police, banks, and fraud squad.

The deception is carried out in several ways, such as:

  • A phone caller pretending to be a police officer who is investigating unidentified activity or fraud relating to your bank account and that you must cooperate with the ‘investigation’.
  • You are then persuaded to withdraw funds and hand them over to the ‘investigators’, either by some remote means or in person to a courier.
  • You are told that if your bank queries the large withdrawal that they are to say you are happy and it is for a large one-off purchase e.g. work/repairs in the home.
  • Alternatively, you may be asked to hand over bank cards, vouchers or other valuable items. They may also ask you to transfer funds to another account, which is controlled by the fraudsters.


These scams can be extremely convincing and manipulative. The fraudsters may sound convincing and give (alleged) crime numbers, investigation details, and job titles. They sometimes claim that the transaction must be done in secret. The fraudsters convince their victims not to trust bank branch staff, which can make it hard for those actual bank staff to help prevent the fraud.”


Remember : Most calls are not genuine, and payments should never be made. No legitimate bank/building society, police officer, or business will ever phone you to ask you to give them your card, your PIN, or your cash in the way we’ve described above.”

Don’t trust anyone who calls you about your bank details. Always hang up and wait at least 30 minutes to call out again ….this ensures the caller has disconnected.”

There is great advice for the public on the West Mercia Police Fraud Website here.

  • 20mph speed limits continue to be in force in most parts of Ledbury Town centre under the Herefordshire Council’s emergency covid walking/cycling measures………..so keep an eye out for the temporary 20MPH signs.


  • The minutes from the latest  Wellington Heath NDPWG (Neigbourhood Development Plan Working Group) review meetings can be found  here.


  • The Ledbury Recycling Centre re-opened on Wed 8 July.

YOU MUST BOOK YOUR SLOT ONLINE IN ADVANCE here.  You will need to enter your PostCode, find your address from the pull-down list of properties, select the centre from the centres available and also enter your car registration number.  You will be given the available days/time-slots (that have not already been booked).  Simply select one, and confirm reservation, and you will be emailed an appointment pass which is numbered and which will need to be printed and displayed on your car dash. (or shown on a mobile phone when asked at the gate).     NB: please remember only 2 visits are allowed every 14 days per household and please remember to turn up at the correct time. 

  • WANTED 3 x Parish Councillors and 1 x Footpath Officer for the Parish

  Please contact the Parish Council Clerk (Mary) for futher info via our “Contact” page.



  • Covid 19 – Mathon Farm Updates   For the latest updates regarding this news item, please visit the official site by clicking here


  • There are no roadworks schedule for in and around our Parish over the next 3 x weeks.
    • Raycomb Lane –  Mon 14th to Fri 18th Sept – Cadent Gas WorksNOW OPEN AGAIN.
    • Please drive carefuly around the village and watch out for large construction lorries using the Ledbury Road and The Common whilst various homes are being constructed.   Please make sure cars are parked off the road, where possible, or tight against the kerbs to allow a safe space for the lorries to pass.

You can search for planned roadworks by visiting: https://one.network/    Then searching for “Ledbury (Wellington Heath)” in the search box.  (select the time period such as “Next two weeks” from the pull-down box of time periods above).

For the latest village information, including regular weekly news updates and village newsletters, be sure to visit the Village Website by clicking here.

Wellington Heath Councillors are:

Jennifer Jones (Chair)
David Williams (Vice-Chair  & Chair of Planning Committee)
Mark Beaumont
4th Councillor – vacancy
5th Councillor – vacancy

Clerk: Mary Barnett

eMail:  clerk@wellingtonheathpc.org

Tel: 01531 635103

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The council meets once every two Months at the Wellington Heath Memorial Hall on the last Tuesday of the Month.

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