Minutes January 2021

Minutes of a virtual meeting of Wellington Heath Parish Council

held on 28th January 2021.

In attendance – Cllrs. D. Williams (Chairman) H.Tierney (HT), R. Barnes (RB), J. Tearle (JT), and K. Shaw (KS).

Also in attendance was Peter Constantine “Community correspondent” and the Clerk.

Apologies had been received from Cllr. J. Jones and County Cllr. Liz Harvey.

1.Minutes – The Minutes of the Council meeting held on 15th December 2020 were taken as read, confirmed and would be signed by the Chairman.

2.Declaration of Interests – Cllr. HT declared an interest in the NDP on the Agenda as Site 19A South for development was part of the adopted plan and was situate immediately opposite Twinkelow Cottage.

3.Co-option – The Chairman welcomed Kiel Shaw onto the Parish Council.  The Declaration of Acceptance of Office was signed in the presence of those in attendance and Cllr Shaw (KS) agreed to send this to the Clerk together with Register of Interests form.

  1. Open Session

County Cllr Liz Harvey  had apologised that she was unable to attend  the meeting.  P. Constantine confirmed he had no questions to raise.

5.Update Report on matters outstanding since meeting in December 2020 –

  • 1.Notice Board representative – Cllr HT had kindly offered to take over this role. She confirmed she had looked at the boards and cleaned them. She had spoken to Jeremy Newby about the board at the Memorial Hall and he had agreed to take it down, wait for it to dry out and then refurbish it at a cost of approx. £100. She had looked at the cost of replacement for the boards in Horse Road junction and the Old School House, approximate cost to replace similar to the ones we have would be about £740.  including delivery. Discussion took place and it was agreed to replace one board at a time to see whether they were what the PC required and she and KS would decide whether new posts were required which would be at an extra cost, although some were thought to be concrete based. The Jubilee Board at the top of the common was in reasonable repair although the pin boards had hardened.

Action HT/KS

  • 2.Trees at The Pleck and Little Pleck – Work to the trees had been carried out to avoid any damage to adjoining properties and prohibiting the use of the road. Account received for payment for £1,000. Considerable amount of debris left on site but Dave Cooke (Wayside) had agreed to pay £100. for the wood. The boundary of Little Pleck is visible from the road and will need restoring.
  • On a proposal by KS seconded by RB and carried it was agreed to ask Adrian Hope to do a report on the remaining trees on both sites at a cost of £ with a possible on site meeting for Councillors to discuss the future maintenance of both sites and how the PC would like to see the sites maintained and used.                               Action KS/RB



January 2021/02

  • 3. Viaduct Site – Ledbury Town Council (LTC) had received the response from the Planning Inspectorate on 16th December (copied in to us) but it merely stated that the Inspector’s report had been sent to the Secretary of State . His decision will be issued on or before 15th March 2021. No decision was made regarding the value of the contribution the Parish Council would make to LTC’s costs for resisting the proposed access for this development. Meanwhile, we await confirmation of the final adjudication by the Secretary of State.
  1. Items for consideration

6.(1) – Appoint PC Representative on the Memorial Hall Committee – KS kindly agreed to take this role on and said he would discuss what is involved with the Chairman in due course.   It was confirmed that RB had taken on the role as Lengthsman Administrator.

6.(2)  -Broadband speed – Chairman commented coverage in Parish is mixed and that he had spoken to the advice centre at Gigaclear who advised programme was ongoing but admitted there are black spots including Ochre Hill, Floyds Lane, Loxter and Hollow Lane.  Gigaclear do not have option to access at the moment due to following difficulties  –

  • Way leave permission – obstruction by third party landowners preventing them installing their cables, and
  • Section 58 permit whereby they can dig up parts of the road but awaiting permission from Hereford Council for this to take place.

Floyds Lane would be dealt with under Section  58 and Cardiff Cottage has had the work done this week. Gigaclear hope to role out fibre access throughout W/Heath by the end of March and advised that if way leave permission cannot be negotiated, they might be able to share BT Open Reach Infastructure.

6.(3) – Pub Lane – The Chairman had circulated the Report received from Liz Harvey who advised Neil James had taken the matter up with the developers working on the site adjacent to pub lane. The developers have requested a quote from independent drainage contractors for the repair work necessary to the collapsed storm drains. Neil James’ report had also been sent to Pub Lane residents for their information.

Responsibility for storm water, drainage, and surface water in the Village was a long standing problem and was queried whether the Parish Council can get this improved.  Costs would be huge but an attempt could be made to persuade Hereford Council to support it financially as beyond PC means, but agreed the matter does need investigation.  A query from Hereford Council had this week been received regarding flooding in the area and it was suggested that perhaps something could be entered onto H/Council website indicating where the problems are in the Parish.

6.(4) –Jobs raised by Footpath Officer – including some style repairs. Clerk advised she had queried replacement under Lengthsman Contract with B/Beatty and had advised the Footpath Officer to contact Neil James to inspect and agree what was required, and where.  Once this has taken place, Clerk will report back.



January 2021/03

6.(5). – Pool Piece funding – The Chairman had discussed with Dave Darwood whether the responsibility for hedge cutting could be undertaken under the PC hedge cutting scheme, thus avoiding the need for skips on a yearly basis.  An estimate for £720 had been received for tarmacking the path at Pool Piece from the gate up to the swings.

DW agreed to talk with Dave Darwood and attempt to reach a settlement whereby the Parish Council give the go ahead for hedge cutting and the tarmacking work on the understanding that the PC will not be charged for a skip each year.  Whilst the Parish Council do have some reserves, it was suggested that perhaps ways of raising additional funds could be investigated.                                                   Action DW

6.(6) – Approval of revised NDP and modification document prior to submission to Hereford Council

DW had forwarded the documents to everyone together with a Modification Statement on the rationale of why it was done and then details of the exact way it was done and the modification statement document states why this was a worthwhile effort. If agreed we can then formally submit this to Hereford Council who will read the document and approve what we can do as a non-material change to our ND . They will then incorporate it into their site and show the revision and include the modification document alongside it. He advised that this does not change the Plan of 2018 and the status of the plan is that we have not made any material changes However, it was considered to be a very important and useful refreshment of the Plan.

On a proposal by KS it was suggested that we send it to Hereford Council in its amended state. JT seconded this action with everyone in agreement.  DW agreed to let the Clerk have a letter submitting the revision to Hereford Council.                                                                                        Action DW/Clerk

DW expressed sincere thanks to the Working Group and in particular to Frank Rozelaar who has done the work to refashion the plan and also to everyone who has contributed to the editing of the revision.

6.(7 )- Discussion on procedures for Agendas and Minutes – Following the request, the Clerk had sought confirmation that the way this was currently done did comply with regulation orders.  However, she agreed to e-mail all Councillors a copy of the draft Minutes before entering of them on the website and also to send all Councillors an e-mail reminder for any Agenda items two weeks before future meetings.                                                                                                                               Action – Clerk

6 .(8) – Discussion on Village assets and liabilities – JT queried what the Parish Council’s liabilities were for maintenance of their assets which included both The Plecks, the Memorial Hall, and the Oak tree as he felt that this this type of expense should be budgeted for every year. He stated he would be willing to get involved and prepare a management plan for this including The Plecks (once Adrian Hope’s report was available), the oak tree and to consider making both The Plecks into conservations areas which would then be managed by the PC and he was authorised to go ahead with some management plan for discussion at the next meeting.  In the meantime, the Clerk was to ask the Contractor who had done the work on the oak tree if he would return with the remaining top soil which was at the time surplus to requirements.  DW agreed to let John Tearle have a map showing footpaths in the Parish.                                                                                                                                       Action –  JT




January 2021/04

6.(9) – Pool Piece – It was further discussed regarding the request for funding to tarmac some paths in Pool Piece and on a proposal by DW seconded by KS and carried, it was agreed the PC would meet the cost of this work out of Council reserves and it was hoped agreement could be reached regarding no further expense to the PC for skips on the site.                                                            Action –  DW

  1. (10) – Newsletter distribution during Covid – it was unanimously agreed to continue with the hard copy and volunteers are happy to do this with KS kindly offering to help with distribution. It was agreed to ask the distributors to be mindful of the Covid restrictions during delivery of the Newsletter.
  2. Financial – to approve payment of the following accounts
  • Clerk – salary for January 2021 £302.20.
  • HMRC – PAYE £48.80
  • Matt Fogarty – computer re virus                £35.00.
  • Ross Tree Services at The Pleck £1,000.
  • Viking – computer cartridges £46.36 + £9.27 vat.


On a proposal by HT seconded by DW and carried these Accounts were approved for payment. Clerk to obtain signed cheques.  Following a query by KS, he was advised that the PC had considered online banking but had for the time being agreed to continue as at present.

  1. Reports from Committee representatives for
  • Memorial Hall – no report available. Clerk to advise that KS was the new Parish Council Representative on the Memorial Hall Committee.
  • NDP – It had been agreed that the revised Modification Statement document be submitted to Herefordshire Council.
  • Planning applications – DW reported on retrospective planning application for change of use at Uplands Farm, Burtons Lane and no objections were raised to this application.
  1. Correspondence information – Bank Account name changed to “Wellington Heath Parish Council”, Cllr Tierney added as additional signatory for cheques, precept for £10,000 had been requested and paperwork for renewal of Lengthsman Scheme for 2021/22 had been received for completion.
  2. Councillor Reports – No complaints received about light at Swallow Farm in the past. It was agreed there might be some confusion about which outside light had been referred to.  RB agreed to talk with Darren and the situation will be monitored. As regards the oak tree, RB had met with Neil James regarding our wish to erect an ornamental type chain around the oak tree area but had been advised that this was not possible at this time due to a complaint which had been lodged with the Ombudsman about B/Beatty.                                                                                                           Action – RB

JT was to be advised of new residents to enable the Smartwater Project to continue.



                                                                                                                                       January 2021/05


Dates for future meetings were discussed with the next meeting scheduled to take place on 30th March 2021 – venue and time to be advised dependent upon the availability of the Memorial Hall during the Covid restrictions which are  in place at the time according to Government guidelines.



There being no further business, the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 9.36pm.


  1. Williams 30th March 2021.

Signed………………………………………………………………………….   Dated………………………………..

Vice Chairman.

Minutes December 2020

A meeting of Wellington Heath Parish Council was held in the Memorial Hall, Wellington Heath on Tuesday 15th December 2020 commencing at 7.15pm


Present – Councillors J. Jones, D. Williams. R. Barnes, J. Tearle and H. Tierney.

The Minutes of the meeting held on 29th September 2020 and the ExtraOrdinary meeting held on 14th October 2020 were taken as read, confirmed and signed by the Chairman.

Declarations of Interest in items on the Agenda – None declared.

Co-option of K. Shaw – Unfortunately Keil Shaw had advised he was running a temperature and felt it unwise to attend the meeting at this time.

Welcome – The Chairman welcomed the three new members onto the Council and stated that she looked forward to working with them in the future for the benefit of the Parish.

Open Session

  • County Councillor Liz Harvey was not in attendance.
  • Attending was Mark Beaumont who advised he was in attendance to formally hand over his role as Administrator of the Smartwater Scheme following his initiative in setting this up on behalf of the Parish Council. He advised that there were forty pens left, and advised that all other pens had been registered before they were sent out. Thanks were expressed to him for his work in connection with this scheme which was proving to be popular and beneficial in the Parish.

Cllr John Tearle kindly offered to take over this responsibility.

Update Reports on items raised at the last meeting –

  • Smartwater Pens – see above under Open Session.
  • Notice Boards – Cllr Williams advised there had been little progress regarding this matter since the last meeting, and he agreed to recirculate details regarding design and costs. He advised it had been agreed to refurbish the Memorial Hall board, and replace the boards on Horse Road/Ledbury Road junction and the one outside the Old School House, and it was agreed in principle to purchase and install two new boards in the Spring, preferably constructed in oak. Following a survey carried out by Allan, the Clerk confirmed that the “Waymarkers and Footpath signs” had been delivered to the new Footpath Officer and that they were being installed in the appropriate places.  As regards the narrowing of the road in Horse Road where a lorry had caused damage to the boundary wall and roof area of Mortar Cottage, Cllr Roy Barnes agreed to take up the question of signage with Neil James and Paul Hunter.
  • Farmers Arms – It was confirmed that the Farmers Arms had been re-registered as an Asset of Community Value for five years until November 2025. Thanks were expressed to Mark Beaumont for obtaining registration during his time as a Parish Councillor.
  • Trees on The Pleck and Little Pleck – considerable discussion had taken place before the meeting due to the dangerous condition of some of the trees on these two sites. Various Quotations had been obtained and the Chairman advised that following agreement, the trees will be taken down next week thus avoiding any structural damage during any bad weather in the winter months. The ownership of the sites were explained to new Councillors and it was suggested that perhaps a Management Plan as an amenity for the Village could be considered once new gates are erected, but care should be taken regarding the drainage or sewer manhole on the site.


Items for consideration –

  • It was agreed to add Cllr Heloise Tierney as an additional signatory on the Council’s cheques following the resignation of Cllr. Beaumont. The Clerk confirmed that two signatures were required for each cheque.
  • Change of Name to Bank Account – the current name on the Account is “Parish Council of Wellington Heath”. Following difficulties paying in a cheque made payable to Wellington Heath Parish Council, it was agreed to request the name on the Account be changed to “Wellington Heath Parish Council” and a letter of authority to the Bank was signed by the Chairman, Vice Chairman and the Clerk.
  • Appointment of Council Representatives on various sub committees –
  • R. Barnes agreed to take on the role as Lengthsman Administrator.
  • J. Tearle agreed to take over the Smartwater Pens administration.
  • The other appointments including the Memorial Hall will be decided at a later Council meeting when all Councillors are present.
  • All Councillors to be members of both the Planning and Finance Committees

Finance – Prior to the commencement of the Parish Council meeting, a Finance Committee meeting had earlier taken place when the Budget and Precept had been agreed for 2021/22.

Resolved – On a proposal by the Chairman, seconded by the Vice Chairman and carried, it was agreed to set the Precept for 2021/22 at £10,000.

Further Resolved – On a proposal by the Chairman, seconded by the Vice Chairman and carried, the Budget for 2021/22 was agreed at £9,850.

Statement of items paid during the months of October and November 2020 when no meetings have been held was circulated by the Clerk. This was agreed and signed by the Chairman.

The Clerk advised the following Accounts were due for payment in December as follows

  • Clerk, salary £302.20.
  • HMRC, PAYE £48.80.
  • Norman Brown, work at Pool Piece £43.97.
  • Gordon Kirk, hedge trimming £23.38.

Resolved – On a proposal by H. Tierney seconded by R. Barnes and carried, the above Accounts were approved for payment and cheques signed.

Reports from representatives for


  • Memorial Hall – No report available.
  • NDP – Cllr Williams had circulated all Councillors with an update following Zoom meetings of the NDP working group regarding minor amendments to the Plan the original of which was registered in October 2018. These amendments were considered to be of a minor category which did not require the changes to be presented for planning inspection and it was hoped they would be agreed at the NDP

meeting at the end of January 2021 enabling the amendments to be sent off for approval.  It should be noted the updated plan will not contain any substantial changes.

(C) Viaduct site – Cllr Williams advised no decision had been made on the appeal for the Viaduct site and it was not expected this would be known until the new year.  Costs expected to be in the region of £105,000 and whilst it had been agreed the Parish Council would make a small donation to the costs incurred, no decision on the amount would be agreed until the final outcome of the Appeal and costings was known.

(d)  Planning application – Cllr Williams reported on the problems involved with the various Pegs Farm planning applications including foul water treatment and advised that converted modified plans for the barns have taken place allowing more people to stay over a longer period of time. The Environmental and Planning teams, Cllr Liz Harvey and the neighbours have all been made aware of the problems and are fully aware of the situation.

As regards the application for the three houses at the Croft on the Ledbury Road, original plans were modified and the site is still awaiting full approval.  Access and conditions which were part of the original plans have been discharged and a Certificate of Lawfulness has been issued as a way of suspending development without losing the right to build in due course indicating that the site has been started and can be continued at their leisure.


Information – The Clerk gave brief update on correspondence received, although most of it is circulated to Councillors on receipt. Copies of the Council’s Standing Orders and Financial Regulations were handed to all Councillors along with an extract from the Code of Conduct and she reported that HALC state the new Code of Conduct will shortly be circulated for approval.


Councillor Reports – Councillors asked to report on minor matters of information not included elsewhere on the current Agenda but which could be raised at the next full meeting of the Council.


Following work on the oak tree, it was of concern to Councillors that some people are driving over the land surrounding the tree, and whilst the Council had attempted to prevent this by installing a barrier across the land, Balfour Beatty had stopped our Lengthsman from erecting this, as a complaint to the Ombudsman had been lodged against B/Beatty by one local resident and B/Beatty did not wish the current traffic barrier to be erected at this time.  Clerk asked to enquire of Balfour Beatty’s Neil James what action could be taken to stop traffic flattening the soil around the oak tree and Councillors were to consider whether the rainwater flow to the tree could be improved.



Dates of further meetings –


Dependent upon the availability of the Memorial Hall the next meeting was provisionally scheduled for Tuesday 26th January 2021.


There being no further business, the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 9.30pm.





Signed…………………………………………………………….   Dated……………………………………………..



In England and Wales a public footpath is a path on which the public have a legally protected right to travel on foot and in some areas public footpaths form a dense network of short paths. It is probable that most footpaths in the countryside are hundreds of years old. The majority of footpaths are shown on Ordnance Survey 1:25,000 and 1:50,000 maps.

Herefordshire Council provide a Public Rights of Way Map (the Definitive Map) on their website here.  Just enter your postcode in the box provided and hit enter; it will take you to that position and you can zoom in and out.  Zooming-in will reveal street names and you can even hold in the left mouse button over the map and drag it North, South, East or West to reposition the map.

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