Parish Council Business





A G E N D A     – Monday 28th November at 7.30pm



You are welcome to attend a meeting of the Parish Council to be held in the Memorial Hall on Monday 28th November 2022 commencing at 7.30pm when the following business will be transacted.


  1. Apologies
  2. Minutes – approve Minutes of the Meeting of the PC held on 25th September 2022.
  3. Declarations of interest in items on the Agenda – personal and prejudicial and requests for dispensation – Cllr Tierney has declared an interest in planning application No. 223010 – land on Ledbury Road/7 houses.
  4. Open Session
  • County Councillor Report.
  • Public session.
  1. Update Reports on matters raised at last meeting –
  • Notice board on The Common adjacent to Pool Piece.

(c ) Lengthsman – General update on all work and  issues.                           RB

(d)  Plaque on seat, grit bins, smartwater sign and tree/Ochre Hill.

(e)  Councillor vacancy remains.

(f)  Speeding restrictions on local roads.                                                     HT

  1. Items (new) for consideration –

None notified

  1. Financial matters

To discuss/agree Budget for 2023/24.

To discuss and agree Precept for 2023/24 at £11,500.00.


To approve payment of the following Accounts for October 2022 when no meeting was held –

Clerk, salary – October 2022                                          £314.20.

HMRC – PAYE to 5th November 2022                                £60.80.

*Oak Tree books (out of ring fenced funds)                    £554.31.


To approve payment of the following November  2022 Accounts –

Truprint Media, printing Newsletter                             £255.00.

Hire fees for Memorial Hall                                           £68.20.

Wicksteed – Pool Piece inspection                                 £120.00 + £24 vat.

Clerk’s salary – September 2022                                    £314.20.

HMRC – PAYE to 5th December 2022                                £60.80.

*Peter Constantine – oak tree book x 3                           £998.55. see report

Clerk home allowances and expenses to 30th Nov ‘22      £ TBA               .

  1. Reports from Council representatives for –

(1) Memorial Hall – Report from Cllr Barnes.

(2) Management of The Plecks –                                                 JT

(3) Pool Piece                                                                           JT

(4) Planning applications received and update on old planning applications –                                                                             GK

a) Pegs Farm (222975) holiday accommodation, erect oak garage and store.

b) Arknell Farm Horse Road (223171) – rear extension

c) Land on Ledbury Road (223010) erection of 7 new build houses.

d) Field known as Becks Orchard (213985) – footpath issues.




9.Information – brief update on any important items or correspondence –

Bank balances.

Update on oak tree finances.

Election in May 2023.


  1. Councillor reports – Councillors to report on minor matters of information not included elsewhere and raise any items for the Agenda for the Meeting of the Parish Council on 30th January 2023.





Mary Barnett, (Parish Clerk).

2 New Cottages, Clenchers Mill Lane, Eastnor, Ledbury, HR8. 1RR.

Tel: 01531 635103.  E-mail –


Note – ** indicates monies out of ring-fenced oak tree monies.






Wellington Heath Councillors currently are:

Jennifer Jones (Chair)
Heloise Tierney (Vice Chair & Finance)
John Tearle (PC representative -Pool Piece & the Plecks)
Roy Barnes (Lengthsman & Memorial Hall Committee)
Gordon Kirk (Planning Committee Chair)

(All Councillors deal with setting the Parish Budget/Precept)

Vacancy x 1






The Parish Council’s latest agenda will be shown on this page a minimum of 3 clear days before the day of the meeting. 

Meetings are normally held in the Memorial Hall, (Wellington Heath) on the last Tuesday of every other Month at 7.30pm.

(Annual Parish Council meetings are normally held in the larger main hall area)

Members of the Parish community are very welcome and also encouraged to attend these regular meetings  especially the Annual Parish Meeting. At every meeting the Chair will provide the opportunity for the public in attendance to ask questions or raise any issues they may have.