Parish Council Business

The Parish Council’s latest agenda will be updated and shown on this page several days prior to each forthcoming meeting.

Meetings are normally held in the ‘Peter Garnett Room‘ at the Memorial Hall, (Wellington Heath) on the last Tuesday of every other Month at 7.30pm.

(Annual Parish Council meetings are normally held in the larger main hall area)

Members of the Parish community are very welcome and also encouraged to attend these regular meetings  especially the Annual Parish Meeting. At every meeting the Chair will provide the opportunity for the public in attendance to ask questions or raise any issues they may have.


The Next Parish Council Meeting will be held online via ZOOM on Tuesday 30 March 2021 commencing at 7.30pm.

This is due to restricted use of the Memorial Hall during the National Covid-19 lockdown.

We hope to resume normal meetings in thee Memorial Hall (and be open to the public) as soon as possible.  We will post more information here as soon as we know when that will be. 


  1. Apologies from Chairman.
  2. Minutes – To approve the Minutes of the meeting held on 28th January 2021.
  3. Declarations of interest in Agenda items – personal and prejudicial and requests for dispensation.
  4. Open Session
    • County Councillor Report.
    • Public question time – local issues or planning matters.
  1. Update Reports on matters raised at last meeting –
  • Notice boards – HT.
  • Viaduct site appeal outcome – consider donation to costs – DW.
  • Pool Piece funding request – DW.
  • Pub Lane – problems and complaints during building work – DW
  • Village assets/liabilities – JT.
  • Broadband speeds in Parish – DW
  • Best Kept Village Sign and refurbishment of other signs – DW
  1. Items for consideration –

Verge cutting project.

Tasks and time scales for Minutes – DW

Advertising costs – e-mail from Keith Hough dated 10th March.

Lengthsman vacancy.

  1. Financial – To approve & agree payment of the following Accounts –

Clerk –  Salary for February 2021                               £301.20.- paid

HMRC – PAYE                                                               £48.80.  – paid

Truprint Media, Newsletter                                        £255.00 – paid

Clerk – Salary for March                                             £301.20.

HMRC – PAYE                                                               £48.80

Clerk – allowances/expenses to 30/03/21                 £155.75.

Denise Wright, Best Kept Village Sign expenses       £22.99.


  1. Reports from Committee representatives for –

(1) Memorial Hall – KS

(2) Neighbourhood Development Plan update – DW

(3) Planning update DW


  1. Information – brief update of correspondence, annual insurance etc.


  1. Councillor reports – Councillors to report on minor matters of information not included elsewhere, and to raise items for the Agenda for the next meeting.


  1. Clerk to advise on Parish Meeting and Annual Meeting dates for the PC in due course dependent upon Covid restrictions.


Mary Barnett,


Tel: 01531 635103.