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NB:  Any public persons interested can exercise their right to inspect, query and make copies of these Annual Returns.

The latest set of full accounting documents will be available to any member of the Parish between 17th June  to 26th July in any year*  – please contact our Parish Council Clerk for more information.

*In essence, the Parish Council is required to allow residents of the parish the opportunity to examine various documents that relate to the latest full year set of financial transactions that the Parish Council has completed, and the time period between 17 June and 26 July is commonly known as the period for the exercise of public rights‘.

Wellington Heath Parish Council  Budget

Budget 2020 to 2021

Budget 2019 to 2020


WHPC Published Accounts

Accounts 2018-19

Accounts 2017-18

Accounts 2016-17

Accounts 2015-16

Accounts 2014-15

Accounts 2013-14


WHPC Certificates of Exemption

Exemption 2020-21

Exemption 2019-20

Exemption 2018-19

Exemption 2017-18


WHPC Accounting Statements

Accounting Statements 2020-21

Accounting Statements 2019-20

Accounting Statements 2018-19


WHPC Internal Audit Reports

Internal Audit Report 2020-21

Internal Audit Report 2019-20

Internal Audit Report 2018-19


WHPC Annual Governance Statements

Annual Governance Statement 2020-21

Annual Governance Statement 2019-20

Annual Governance Statement 2018-19


WHPC Annual Governance & Accountability Returns

Annual Governance & Accountability Return 2020-21

Annual Governance & Accountability Return 2018-19


WHPC Annual Bank Reconciliations

Bank Reconciliation as at 31 March 2021

Bank Reconciliation as at 31 March 2019


WHPC Explanation of Variances

Explanation of Variances 2020-21

Explanation of Variances 2018-19



WHPC Notice of Public Rights and Publication of Annual Governance and Accountability Return

Accounts for the Year Ended 31 March 2021


WHPC Asset Register




Wellington Heath PC Privacy Notice