Minutes January 2019

Minutes of a meeting of Wellington Heath Parish Council held on Tuesday 29th January 2019 in the Memorial Hall commencing at 7.30pm.

Present – Cllrs. J. Jones (JJ in the Chair) D. Williams (DW) D. Packman (DP) M. Low (ML) and R Kitto (RK).


Also in attendance – County Councillor L. Harvey (LW) many members of the public and the Clerk.

The Minutes of the meeting held 27th November 2018 were taken as read, confirmed and signed by the Chairman.

Declarations of Interest in items on the Agenda – none declared.

Open SessionClllr. Liz Harvey reported – .

  • that she had met with Planning Officers regarding the ongoing problems occurring during various development at Ochre Hill and advised the present position regarding some of the applications. She asked members of the parish to include her in on any correspondence or emails which they submitted to the Planners so that she could be kept fully informed.
  • that she had checked the diversions signs for the work at Storesbrook bridge and had asked for various repositioning to be done as there was a lot of damage being done to the verges around the area.
  • she advised that the final version of the budget has been published and presented to cabinet. A 4.9% increase is proposed in the budget and the matter will be discussed and a decision reached on 15th
  • she confirmed that she had asked the Parish Council if they would consider Ledbury Town Council’s request for a donation towards an independent transport Consultant assessment on the Bloor proposals for access to the proposed viaduct housing site, and also to consider whether to hold a Parish Poll. The original proposal for access to this site was under the viaduct, but Bloor wished the access to be via a roundabout on the Bromyard Road.

Public question time

A spokesman for the many parishioners in attendance advised that the residents of Ochre Hill have formed a Group and are taking legal advice but unfortunately the representative was not available to attend the meeting but had submitted a letter which was read out to all in attendance. It was queried whether the Parish Council should ask the Developers to attend a meeting in the Memorial Hall to discuss these ongoing problems which are occurring.  It was confirmed that in future, Herefordshire Council will have to take into account the Parish Council’s Neighbourhood Development Plan.

Update Reports

  • Defibrillator – now operational and has been registered with the ambulance service. Training session will be held on Thursday 14th March in the Memorial Hall commencing at 7.30pm.
  • Pool Piece – following a report from HALC regarding wilful damage to a site in Herefordshire when razor blades had been positioned on a piece of equipment it was confirmed that Pool Piece was inspected on a regular basis by both Parish Councillors and D. Darwood.
  • Parish Council summit – DP advised that he and ML had attended this summit recently when many items had been put forward and discussed at the group including a good neighbourhood scheme, the Core strategy will be refreshed later this year, a centre for community lead housing and a talk about keeping people together in the Community. It was decided that perhaps the Community broker could be invited to attend the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council in May 2019 and give a talk on helping people in the Parish.
  • Neighbourhood Development Plan – it was confirmed that the NDP working website had been taken down, dismantled and is no longer in existence and an encrypted data store had been handed to the Clerk.

Items for consideration

  • Road closure – it was agreed that following the intervention of Cllr Liz Harvey various signs had been repositioned and agreed the Parish Council must monitor how the matter proceeds. The question of a SID was again mentioned but the Parish Council did not feel that this would be beneficial in its present position.
  • Election – due to an election on 2nd May 2019, it was necessary to bring forward the Annual Meeting of the Council to 21st The Clerk confirmed she had agreed to attend a training at HALC regarding the forthcoming Election and the date for the March meeting was also changed to 19th March. Clerk to notify change of dates for booking for the alhAhall.
  • Donation – The donation towards the cost of a Consultant was discussed and the Clerk was to notify Cllr. Harvey that the Parish Council agreed in principle to make a reasonable contribution.
  • West Mercia police advise that their monthly newsletter is being discontinued and they offered to attend meetings of the Parish Council should they be requested to do so.
  • PC Paul Crumpton from West Mercia Police has offered to give presentations in the Parish on a regular basis should this be necessary.
  • With regard to Herefordshire Council offer of a grant for local green spaces, it was agreed that there were one or two projects which might benefit from this Grant and a meeting with a member of the Sumner family regarding the possibility of a path leading up to the Common starting at Little Pleck. Other suggestions included work at the oak tree or land at the Memorial Hall.  Grant would be 75% of work done, Parish Council to fund the remainder.
  • Scouts offer – The Chairman reported on a request/offer from the Scouts to do a project within the Parish and it was agreed to suggest either work to the pond at Harry’s Walk or clearance of overgrown foliage at The Pleck.

Financial matters

  • A resolution was passed to delegate power to the clerk on a temporary basis to ensure invoices are paid during the months when there is no scheduled council meeting. Two cheque signatories will be required in the usual way.


  • It was resolved to pay the following accounts;
  • Gordon Kirk @ The Pleck & Little Pleck                 £26.21.
  • Clerk salary – December 2018.                               £278.20.
  • Clerk salary – January 2019                                    £278.20.
  • PAYE December (payable in January 2019)           £46.80.
  • PAYE January 2019 (payable February)                 £47.00.

January 2019/03


  • Kevin Reid – mowing at Pool Piece – 12 cuts                 £220.00.
  • Memorial Hall, hire fees                                                        £48.00.
  • Ledbury Fencing – Lengthsman duties                              £50.00.
  • Clerk salary – February 2019                                              £278.20.
  • Truprint Litho – newsletter printing                                £255.00.
  • Clerk, allowances and expenses                                         £167.07.


On a proposal by the Chairman seconded by RK and carried, the above accounts were approved for payment and cheques signed.



  • Memorial Hall – ML advised the talk by D Fletcher had been well attended, welcome party booked for later this week, some of the old computer equipment had been sold at the Christmas Fayre raising about £100, proposal to replace some of the chairs, new code cards issued and it was agreed to obtain cards for some Councillors, the boiler had been renewed and the subsidence at the one end of the Memorial Hall appears to have stabilised.
  • Lengthsman/P3 – Letter received from Withers Farm with request to re-route footpath although it appeared the work had already been done. The Parish Council agreed to write in objecting to this request. Two new gates have been ordered, one for Burtons Lane and one for the end of Harry’s walk for which Darren has quoted £500. to install. The Parish Council agreed not to provide shovels for the various grit bins. Following a reported attack by horses on land around The Swallow, once it was ascertained who actually owned the land and horses, it was agreed the Council would let the land owner know of this occurrence as it appeared that this was not the first time this had occurred.
  • Planning – DW gave report on various planning applications which had been received and replied to; he advised on planning applications outstanding which had not yet been determined and that Planning Officer Josh Bailey had been and inspected the application for the erection of an out building at Squatters Cottage.


Information Sheet – Clerks & Council’s Direct magazine, footpath request from Withers Farm, bank balances and an update on expenditure to date to enable Councillors to fully consider request for funding received from Ledbury Town Council towards a consultation on proposed entrance in to Bloor Homes planning application at the Viaduct.


Dates for future meetings were agreed as follows –


  • 19th March 2019 to allow Clerk to attend training course on 26th March 2019.
  • Annual Meeting to be held on 21st May 2019 to allow compliance with Election rules that annual meeting had to be held within fourteen days from the date of the Election.


There being no further business the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 10.50pm


Jennifer Jones                                                   19th March 2019.

Signed…………………………………………………..   Dated………………………………………