Minutes July 2019

Minutes of a meeting of Wellington Heath Parish Council held on Tuesday 30th July 2019 in the Memorial Hall commencing at 7.30pm


Present – Cllrs. J. Jones (in the Chair) M.Low, R. Kitto and M. Beaumont.

Also in attendance was County Cllr. Liz Harvey and the Clerk.

An apology for inability to attend the meeting had been received and was approved from Cllr. D. Williams.

The Chairman welcomed Cllr. M. Beaumont to his first meeting following co-option at the Annual Meeting.

Minutes – The Minutes of the Annual Meeting held on 21st May 2019 were taken as read confirmed and signed by the Chairman.  Slight amendments requested by Cllr. M. Low concerning the Lengthsman/P3 scheme and his proposed changes to the Newsletter are incorporated into the Minutes for this meeting as set out below.

Declarations of Interest in items on the Agenda – none received.

Open Session – Cllr. Liz Harvey reported as follows –

  • She had requested that the planning application for change of use to holiday let at Ochre Hill should be referred to the Planning Committee for a decision. No date has yet been set but she advised that the Parish Council could send a representative to the planning meeting should they wish to attend.
  • Highways response to the Bloor Homes planning application has been received and should now be on the website. Expected response from WSP has not been received. This now enables Ledbury Council to go ahead and seek consultancy advice; the statement of requirement has been drafted and she advised it is possible for the Parish Council to view this statement and add comments if they wish to do so.
  • Ledbury Town Council Parish Poll will take place on 15th August 2019. Leaflets now being printed; a street awareness to the Poll is planned; there will be no postal or proxy vote available so the public must be encouraged to attend to vote.
  • Parish Summit being called September/early October by Hereford Council to talk regarding Balfour Beatty and other services on the Council. Cllr Harvey advised she would try to reinstate some contribution towards the Lengthsman/P3 schemes and asked the Parish Council to let her know by September what they would like to see regarding road works particularly after the heavy traffic and damage to lanes in the Parish following the works at Storesbrook bridge on the Bromyard Road.
  • She queried whether the Parish Council might wish to include Squatters Cottage in their proposals for Old School House to be registered as a Community Asset in the Parish.

In general Cllr Harvey expressed her concerns about pre planning advice being given to applicants on some occasions. She reported there was an “administrative map” on the website regarding trees and advised the Parish Council can put forward requests for certain trees to be included in the TPO scheme if they so wish.

She advised that a North Ward Parish Poll would not be considered possible and that given the quality of the Parish Council’s responses to both the Bloor Planning application and applications in general she felt that to submit another good quality response to Bloor Homes would save the expense of the Parish Council carrying out a Parish Poll.

There were no members of the public in attendance.

Update Reports on matters raised at last meeting –

  1. Local Heritage Asset registration for Old School House – In his absence Cllr. Williams had submitted a Report and it was agreed that this matter should proceed in the hope of getting this property registered.
  2. Donation towards transport consultation re viaduct housing site – a donation had been agreed in principle but to date we have no idea of the amount being charged for the consultation but it was again unanimously agreed that the Parish Council would make a contribution.
  3. Cheque signatoriesThe Clerk confirmed two additional signatories on the Bank account had been agreed and amended following the resignation of David Packman.
  4. Advertising receipts – the Clerk advised there were three outstanding Invoices for advertising costs and Cllr Low agreed to raise these with the local businesses affected.


Items for consideration

Finger posts sign for Ochre Hill and Jacks Lane – It was agreed that a finger post should be provided at Ochre Hill and at the same time obtain a replacement one for Jacks Lane which has been removed.

Footpath aggression – It was agreed to monitor the situation following an incident whilst a volunteer was working on the footpaths in the Parish.  The Footpaths Officer had kept an accurate note of the incident.

Parish Poll – Cllr Liz Harvey is of the opinion that this is not required but the public should again be encouraged to write in to the Planning Department at Herefordshire Council raising their concerns regarding the effect of additional traffic in the Parish.

Printer/scanner for the Clerk – Following receipt of the Grant from HALC last year, it was agreed to purchase this facility for the Clerk, as at present she was using her own old printer which included neither colour or a scanner.  It was confirmed there were adequate funds remaining within the Grant and it was agreed for the Clerk to obtain one.

Donation to AONB – Following a request from Paul Esrich seeking a donation from the Parish Council towards their work in the area – it was discussed and agreed that an annual donation of £100 be made and the Clerk would include this on the Agenda for payment at the next Parish Council meeting in September.

Request from Hereford Times under FOI act for details of amounts paid to HALC during the year 2018/19 – these details had been forwarded.

West Midlands Police survey of Parish Councils – responses agreed to questions raised and Clerk to return form to West Mercia Police.  Concerns were raised that there was no manned Police Station in Ledbury Town.


Finance – The Clerk advised as follows –

The following Accounts had been paid during June 2019 when no meeting was held –

  • Ledbury Fencing – Lengthsman duties – £125.00.
  • Information Commissioner Office £40.00.
  • Clerk’s salary £287.00.
  • HMRC/PAYE £38.00.

The following Accounts were due for payment in July 2019

  • Clerk’s salary £287.00.
  • HMRC/PAYE £38.00.
  • Clerk – 4months allowances and expenses           £120.82.


On a proposal by Cllr Kitto seconded by the Chairman the above Accounts were agreed for payment and cheques signed accordingly.


Reports –

  • Memorial Hall – Cllr Low advised the Chairman of the Memorial Hall Committee had resigned but agreed to manage items until a new Chairman had been appointed but in the meantime was delegating powers amongst other members. Pat Beaumont had joined the Committee. The Vice Chairman, Tony Cook will be leaving in March 2020 so a replacement 200 Club Organiser will need to be appointed.


  • Footpaths/P3 Scheme – It was reported the Chairman had met with Roger Allsop who had kindly agreed to move to an alternative site the horses which some members of the public had considered dangerous. It was reported the pond on his land had been vandalised.

Mr. Allsop’s co-operation was much appreciated by Councillors

As regards the P3 Scheme Cllr Low raised concerns about the continued funding of this regarding the work which he as Footpath Officer and his volunteers carry out. He also raised concerns about the safety of people working on the footpaths in the Parish. The Clerk had contacted the Insurance Co. about this and had relayed the information to all Councillors for their information.


  • Newsletter – Cllr Low raised concerns that the changes that the previous Council minutes had mentioned that the changes to the Newsletter had been left in abeyance, when in fact he as Editor is actively seeking feedback on ideas from the community and is experimenting with templates and ideas on the sort of changes which might be beneficial for future productions of the Newsletter.

It was agreed that he should continue to look into these proposed changes and report back to full Council at the next meeting to enable a decision on the future of the layout for the Newsletter to be agreed and finalised. Until then the newsletter will remain in its original format. It might even be best to hold off making any changes until next summer after various committee changes are made.

  • Planning – In his absence Cllr David Williams had kindly submitted a full report on Planning applications received and the Parish Council responses made to these applications.


  • Notice Boards – it was agreed that Cllrs. Low, Beaumont and Kitto would share responsibility for checking the noticeboards around the Parish and each have two that we regularly check for out of date and unsuitable notices.


Information Sheet

  • Clerks & Councils Direct March magazine.
  • Lloyds Bank Financial services compensation scheme for business banking.
  • Lloyds Bank advising signatories had been changed and updated.
  • Letter from R. Allsop expressing his unhappiness at the contents in some Minutes regarding his horses.
  • HALC training Schedule.
  • Letter Chris Bury regarding his petition to Parliament regarding CCTV in all care, nursing and residential homes where vulnerable people live.
  • Letter from Liz Harvey to Ledbury Town Council regarding viaduct site transport assessments and e-mail from Cllr David Williams regarding the consultation.
  • Letter from NDP planning team at Hereford Council for update on the Parish Council’s housing site allocations.
  • E-mail from Electoral Services Officer with notice of review of polling stations in the Parish.
  • E-mail request from Carmelo Garcia at Hereford Times requesting information of amounts paid to HALC during 2018/19.
  • E-mail from Matthew Knight at Herefordshire Council regarding local listing of heritage asset in Wellington Heath.
  • West Mercia survey on police service in the Parish.
  • Planning update from Cllr. D. Williams.
  • Bank balances update.


Councillor Reports – It was agreed that some bird boxes could be purchased at a cost of £19. for four for The Pleck.


As regards difficulty in obtaining suitable reception in the Parish for mobile telephones etc Cllr Beaumont agreed to look into this and report back at the next meeting.


Next meeting to take place on 24th September 2019 at 7.30pm.



There being no further business the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 10.20pm.




Jennifer Jones                                                     17 Sept 2019

Signed…………………………………………………………….   Dated……………………..