Minutes March 2018

Minutes of a meeting of Wellington Heath Parish Council held on Tuesday, 27th March 2018 in the Memorial Hall commencing at 7.30pm


Present -Cllrs. J. Jones (JJ – in the Chair) F. Rozellar (FR) D. Williams (DW) and D. Packman (DP).

Also attending was Cllr. Liz Harvey and the Clerk.

Minutes – The Minutes of the meeting held on 30th January 2018 were taken as read, confirmed and signed by the Chairman.

Declarations of Interest – Cllrs. Jones, Rozellar, Packman and Williams all declared non prejudicial interests in the Planning application for The Swallow.

Open Session – There were no members of the public in attendance but Cllr. Harvey reported as follows –

  • Local issues – she will be asking for the Beggars Ash sign opposite Horse Road to be removed and erected in the correct position.
  • Planning (a) The Myrtles – application is likely to go before first Planning meeting in April and she has requested a site visit.

(b) She has supported the comments of the Parish Council in association with the caravans on the farm site and will enquire about any restricted occupancy.

(c) There is no further news on the viaduct site.

(d) She advised on the developments South of Ledbury town in connection with the Core Strategy.

(e) She advised there is no further news on the proposed Travellers site within the Parish.

(3) At County level she reported a new Leader has been elected who is a local person but that Tony Johnson remains Ward Councillor for the Colwall area.  There has been an overall reorganisation in new positions on the Cabinet.  The Council were looking at out-sourcing the running of the libraries, but no real decision including the museums or archive. There was no news on the Barrett Browning building in the town. She reported a high profile judgment against the Council about bringing children into care. She also advised about problems with the bus service in the Parish during the bad weather and that a local resident was unhappy with the Council over markers that the owner of the land at the top of Petty France had erected.

Update Reports

  1. Notice board at Staplow has been removed. The board at the Memorial Hall appeared to have dried out but Clerk to advise Suppliers what action it was felt necessary to cure the water penetration in the future. Notice agreed to be displayed on all the boards.  Cllr Packman advised on meeting with Neil James, Locality Steward and it was agreed the sign for The Swallow could be erected on the same poles as the sign for the Common.
  2. Defibrillator – Grant received from The Friends of Ledbury & District Healthcare. The funds raised by The Farmers Arms have not yet been received. Paint for the telephone kiosk was due any day free of charge and work would commence on tidying up the kiosk when weather improved to enable the defibrillator to be installed.



Item for consideration

Data Protection Policy – On advice received from HALC it was obligatory for the Parish Council to comply with new laws regarding data protection by 25th May 2018 although it was noted that the Council have a policy not to keep data on individual people.  It was stated that the Memorial Hall Committee also have to comply with the new regulations and the Chairman agreed to see whether their document of compliance could be adapted for the Parish Council.  It was also noted on advice from HALC that neither a Councillor or the Clerk could be appointed as Data Protection Officer for the PC due to a possible conflict of interest, and it would therefore be necessary to incur a charge of approximately £200/£250 if the Parish Council wished to join the scheme with HALC, thus obtaining the services of a suitably qualified DPO.

Financial – The Clerk advised the following Accounts were due and were presented for payment –

  • Lengthsman – February £170.00.
  • Ledbury – March £47.50.
  • Lengthsman @ Hope End/P3 £285.00.
  • HALC subscription £340.73 plus vat.
  • Truprint, newsletter and bulletins £325.00.
  • Heartsafe, defibrillator £2,048.00. plus vat.
  • Clerk, expenses & allowances to year end £138.45.

On a proposal by the Chairman seconded by DP and carried, these Accounts were approved for payment and cheques signed.


The Clerk also advised of receipt of the following funds

  • Ledbury & District Healthcare for defibrillator £1,994.00.
  • HALC – donation for openness & transparency £1,649.99.


Reports from various Committees

  • Memorial Hall – DP advised there was a new lady member of the Committee.
  • Lengthsman/P3 scheme – some work has been done, Clerk to send off for balance of funding available to year end. No funding available for 2018/19 for the Lengthsman but there was a level of funding for the P3 scheme for 2018/19.
  • Planning –
    • Swallow Farm – response discussed and agreed for submission before closing date.
    • Old School House – response discussed and agreed on draft drawings which had been received.
  • NDP – The NDPWG had met on 27th March 2018 at 12.10pm to discuss the selection of Examiners put forward for the NDP. All members of the Group had confirmed that none of the Examiners were known to them. Following discussion, the group had agreed to appoint Liz Beth although it was noted that she could not start until May 2018.

Following on from this –

The Vice Chairman, Cllr F. Rozellar advised he would be resigning from the Parish Council at the Annual Meeting in May.  He kindly agreed to continue with the Planning applications until that date, but it would be necessary for another Councillor to take over both planning applications and the overall running of the Lengthsman scheme.  Clerk to take over responsibility for the website.



Dates for future meetings – Parish meeting to take place on 24th April 2018.

Annual meeting of the Parish Council to take place on 22nd May 2018.


Councillors asked to give consideration to appointment of new Councillor following the announced resignation of F. Rozellar.


The meeting closed at 9.45pm.




Chairman                                                Dated…………………………..