Minutes March 2019

Minutes of a meeting of Wellington Heath Parish Council

held on Tuesday 19th March 2019 in The Memorial Hall commencing at 7.30pm

Present – Cllrs. J. Jones (Chairman) R. Kitto (RK) D. Packman (DP) R. Williams (RW) and M. Low (ML).

Also attending was County Councillor L. Harvey and the Clerk.

Minutes – The Minutes of the meeting held on 29th January 2019 were taken as read, confirmed and signed by the Chairman.

Declarations of Interest in items on the Agenda – none declared.

Open SessionCllr Liz Harvey advised

  • That she had received a response back from Planning Officers who had visited the Ochre Hill development following her request for them to check the services etc. The Footpath officer could find nothing basically wrong. She was waiting to hear back regarding the condition and stability of the bank and wall. The Chairman notified Cllr Harvey that Ochre Hill had been closed recently without any prior notification.
  • On receipt of a letter from resident at The Swallow regarding water running downhill following heavy rain, Balfour Beatty had advised that it was a gully problem and she agreed to ask them to clear the drains out all the way down.
  • With regard to the verges on the lanes during work in progress at Storesbrook Bridge, she had received confirmation that once work has been completed they will all be restored.
  • Regarding the Viaduct site, she had met with Carl Brace, Planning Officer who is awaiting an assessment of the Bloor Transport document. When WSP, appointed by Herefordshire has provided their assessment, this will be handed to Engineers, ward Councillors and the Parish Council for information. Ledbury Council have written up their statement of requirement together which will also go for assessment. Wye Fruits have also confirmed that they are getting their own assessment done.   She advised that at a Parish meeting in Ledbury it was unanimously agreed to call for a Parish Poll as it was deemed that 100% of objection letters have been received about road access. She advised on the criteria for the Parish Council to call a Parish Poll and Cllr Harvey agreed to let the Parish Council have a copy of the question which had been raised at the Parish meeting in Ledbury.  Quite obviously only Electors in the Parish can vote in a Poll and that it would go out to all residents similar to a Parish Referendum.

There were no members of the public in attendance.

Update Reports

  • Defibrillator – training had been well attended and it was confirmed that the defibrillator was now fully functional.
  • Donation towards Transport consultation regarding viaduct housing site – it was agreed that the Parish Council will offer a donation towards this as and when required.
  • Footpath in connection with proposed Grant for local green spaces – it was agreed to leave this in abeyance until a similar Grant was available next year.

Items for consideration

  • Request to adopt Old School House as a local heritage asset – The Clerk agreed to look into the relevant criteria and report back in due course.
  • Changes to Parish Council Code of Conduct – It was agreed that when HALC advise the Parish Council which Code of Conduct they recommend, this would be the Code of Conduct which the Parish Council would adopt.


March 2019/05

  • Elections in May – Clerk handed all Councillors “Nomination Papers” for completion and agreed to deliver these to Hereford Council within the stated timescale of 4pm on Wednesday 3rd April 2019.


  • Internet by James Hornby – Gigaclear – It was advised they have been appointed by BT.  No further information available where they plan to install the service next but it was noted that not all residents have received letters from them.  It was agreed to await further communication from them.


Financial Matters – The Clerk advised the following accounts were payable –

  • Clerk – Salary for March 2019 £278.20.
  • PAYE – February (payable in March) £46.80.
  • PAYE – March (payable in April) £47.00.

The Clerk advised the following Accounts had been paid during February when no P/C meeting had taken place –

  • Ledbury Fencing – Lengthsman/P3 duties £470.00.
  • Clerk’s salary for February £278.20.

Reports –

  • Memorial Hall – ML’s report included purchase of new chairs was proceeding, event was under discussion to raise funds for the hall, instructions circulated after new boiler installed and that a wedding function will be taking place. It was noted that the Toddlers Group has been discontinued.
  • Footpaths – The Clerk advised that the full £505. grant from Herefordshire Council had been received. Another incident had been reported regarding the horses in Roger Allsop’s field. Herefordshire Council advise it is not the responsibility of the Parish Council to write to the owner of the animals. Under the Dangerous Animal Act, those affected should dial the Police on 101 who will deal with the matter. It was agreed to put an item in the Newsletter asking people who have experienced this problem to report the matter to the Parish Council as it was reported that this had occurred on three or four occasions.

Planning applications – DW reported on the following applications and decisions agreed by the Parish Council –

  • 190611 – Foxgloves, Horse Road – extension to lower ground floor with ground floor balcony over – no objections raised.
  • 190536 – Land at The Gables, Ochre Hill – amendments to fenestration – reply agreed objecting to proposals. DW, Planning Committee Chairman, advised that he had raised the question of ownership of Ochre Hill  with the Land Registry.
  • 190500 – Oak Lodge, Floyds Lane – work to trees – no objections raised.

He advised decisions had been reached regarding the following applications –

  • Balcony to the new development at The Becks – granted.
  • Balcony at Winsford – granted.
  • Ochre Hill house – granted.
  • Squatters Cottage – not yet determined.
  • Mytrle Cottage – granted.
  • Fir Tree Cottage – granted.
  • Land on Ledbury Road – outline permission granted.



Information Sheet – circulated to Councillors prior to meeting which included –

  • proposed change of Code of Conduct.
  • confirmation that Re-declaration of Compliance had been lodged regarding the Clerk’s right to a pension,
  • request for registration that Old School House be adopted as a Heritage Asset,
  • numerous e-mails regarding forthcoming elections in May 2019
  • current bank balances.

Councillor Reports –

  • The Chairman advised that regarding the Scouts request for permission to carry out a local project, the owners of Callowcroft had confirmed that the pond did not belong to them and it was therefore agreed by Councillors that the Scouts be given permission to proceed with cleaning up the pond near the property and suggested that they make a note of the wildlife contained in the pond.
  • Problems were reported regarding removal of portable bollards on the road adjacent to Swallow Farm which had been provided and placed by Balfour Beatty for safety reasons. Unfortunately these were being removed on a regular basis by a local resident. The Council agreed to monitor the situation.
  • The date for the Parish meeting was agreed for 23rd April 2019 and the Clerk agreed to check whether PC Paul Crumpton from West Mercia Police could attend to give a talk on Crime Reduction.

Next meetings of the Council –   23rd April 2019 – Annual Parish meeting.

21st May 2019– Annual meeting of the Parish Council.



There being no further business the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 10pm.

Jennifer Jones                                                              21st May 2019.

Signed…………………………………………………………………………  Dated………………………………………….