Minutes October 2020

Minutes of an Extra Ordinary meeting of Wellington Heath Parish Council held in the Memorial Hall on Wednesday 14th October 2020 commencing at 6.30pm

Present – Cllrs. J. Jones (in the Chair) D. Williams (DW) and M. Beaumont (MB).

Also in attendance was Peter Constantine, Chairman of the WH NDPWG, Mrs. H. Tierney, Mr. J. Tearle, Mr Roy Barnes and the Clerk.

The only item on the Agenda was the co-option onto the Parish Council of three new Councillors, H. Tierney, R. Barnes and J. Tearle, all of whom had previously submitted a brief resume of their details and interest in joining the Parish Council.

It was therefore proposed and resolved that the following three applicants be co-opted onto the Parish Council with effect from today’s date –

  • H. Tierney – proposed by the Chairman, seconded by DW and carried.
  • R. Barnes – proposed by DW, seconded by MB and carried.
  • J. Tearle – proposed by MB seconded by JJ and carried.

All three applicants signed their Declarations of Acceptance of Office in the presence of the Clerk and handed over their respective Register of Interest forms for submission to Herefordshire Council Monitoring Officer.

The Vice Chairman DW explained the general role of Parish Councillors including his role as Chairman of the Planning Committee adding he would welcome any support offered regarding Planning applications.  Further business included his role on Finance Committee, the Neighbourhood Development Plan and the Defibrillator fitted in the old telephone kiosk which the Parish Council had purchased adjacent to Pool Piece.

Further roles of Councillors included a webmaster, Parish Council representative on the Memorial Hall committee, the Lengthsman and Footpath Officer schemes, maintenance of Pool Piece, the Village newsletter, the website, the Parish Council Newsletter and liaison regarding Neighbourhood Watch.

Items currently under consideration are the renovation and possible purchase of some new notice boards and the Smart Water project successfully initiated by Cllr. M. Beaumont.

The Clerk advised the next meeting of the Parish Council would be the Finance Committee meeting on Tuesday 10th November 2020 in the Memorial Hall when the Budget and Precept would be agreed for the year ending 31st March 2021.  The next full Parish Council meeting would be held on Tuesday 24th November 2020 in the Memorial Hall commencing at 7.30pm.


Signed……Jennifer Jones   ……  (Chair)

Dated……………….15th December 2020……