Minutes Sept 2017

Minutes of a meeting of Wellington Heath Parish Council held on Tuesday 25th September 2017 in The Memorial Hall commencing at 7.30pm.

Present – Cllrs. J. Jones (in the Chair) F. Rozelaar (FR) and D. Williams (DW).

An apology for inability to attend the meeting had been received and was approved from Cllr. D. Packman.

Minutes – The Minutes of the meeting held on 27th July 2017 were taken as read, confirmed and signed by the Chairman.

Declarations of Interest in items on the Agenda – None received.

Open Session

  • County Cllr. Report – Cllr. Liz Harvey was not in attendance.
  • There were no members of the public in attendance.

Items for consideration

  1. Boundary Commission for England 2018 review – it was agreed to monitor the proposal.
  2. Reduction in number of Councillors and Community Governance Review – Clerk to write advising that the Parish Council are willing to consider reducing the number of Councillors down to five provided this had no adverse effect on the Parish Council and their duties.
  3. Date for Welcome Party – With limited availability during December for this event, the Chairman agreed to ascertain whether Saturday 20th January 2018 was available.
  4. Notice Boards – The Chairman was to insert a flyer into the Newsletter enquiring whether the residents wanted the existing Notice Board retained at Staplow or moved to an alternative position and dependent upon the replies, the Council would decide how to proceed.

e) Mobile Homes – Following some overnight parking in the carpark at The Farmers Arms, the Clerk was to ascertain whether a Licence has been requested or given for this use.

f) Defibrillator – Following a proposal for a New Year’s Eve party at The Farmers Arms to raise funds for a defibrillator, DW had again contacted Community Heartbeat Trust seeking guidance on the overall viability of the proposal. Once details are to hand, the Parish Council could then consider whether to donate the telephone kiosk for the installation of the equipment and leave it up to the local residents regarding the overall costs involved in supplying this service.

Financial – The Clerk advised the following Accounts had been received for payment –

  • Lengthsman – July 2017 £45.00.
  • Lengthsman – August 2017 £62.50.
  • Computer Resolutions £127.50 (no vat).
  • Truprint, Newsletter £255.00.
  • Chairman, repayment for Computer £549.99. (inc vat).
  • Grant Thornton, External audit £100.00. (plus vat).
  • Kevin Reid, 15 No. grass cut at Pool Piece £150.00.
  • Clerk, allowances & expenses (6 months) £140.30.

The Invoices were checked and on a proposal by DW seconded by FR and carried, these Accounts were approved for payment and cheques signed.

The Clerk advised that no queries had been raised during the Annual Audit to 31st March 2017.

The Clerk also advised that the claim form had been submitted to HALC for the funding grant for the purchase of the new computer, setting up of the PC website and a request for additional training for guidance on use of the website.

September 2017/13


  1. Memorial Hall – The Chairman advised all necessary internal checks had been carried out, new lights had been fitted in the hall and some doors repaired following damage. There was no proposal to increase hire charges and following the closure of the Bank in Ledbury, a new Bank account had been opened.
  2. Lengthsman/P3 – FR advised nothing to report at the moment but the hedge cutting programme was discussed.
  3. Planning – FR advised on various planning applications which had not yet been determined, and that there was no update available on the proposed viaduct site.
  4. NDP – FR advised the comments received on Regulation 14 are being considered and a draft Regulation 16 should be available for consultation with the Parish at the next meeting.
  5. Website – FR advised he put the Parish Council planning responses on the website and also their comments about the Ledbury NDP.

Correspondence & Literature received

  1. Clerk magazine for September 2017.
  2. Local Council Review magazine – Autumn 2017.
  3. Invitation to conference on “tackling loneliness” in October 2017.
  4. Invitation to coffee morning from North Herefordshire Conservative Association.
  5. Lloyds Bank updating their business accounts and advising of charges.
  6. Grant Thornton – clear audit for year to 31st March 2017.
  7. Letter – Age Concern Ledbury seeking donation.
  8. Letter – Ledbury Town Council regarding NDP Reg.14.
  9. HALC Information Corner – August 2017.
  10. Letter – Pensions Regulator advising minimum contributions increasing.
  11. Letter – Herefordshire NHS and dates for public events programme.
  12. Remittance Advice for second payment of Precept.
  13. Herefordshire Council Statement re Blueschool House audit.
  14. Boundary Commission for England 2018 review.
  15. Community Governance Review.
  16. Rights of Way improvement plan consultation.
  17. Bank Balances at Lloyds Bank.

Dates agreed for Finance Meeting on 14th November followed by Parish Council meeting on 28th November 2016.

There being no further business, the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 9.15pm.