Minutes September 2018

MINUTES of a meeting of Wellington Heath Parish Council held on

Tuesday 18th September 2018 in the Memorial Hall commencing at 7.30pm.


Present – Cllrs. J. Jones (JJ – in the Chair) R. Kitto (RK) D. Packman (DP) M. Low (ML) and D. Williams (DW).

Minutes – The Minutes of the meeting of the Council held on 24th July 2018 were taken as read, confirmed and signed by the Chairman.

Declarations of Interest in items on the Agenda – none received and there were no requests for dispensation.

Open Session – Cllr Liz Harvey had been invited but was unable to attend and there were no members of the public in attendance.

Open Session

  • Defibrillator –Work is well in hand painting the kiosk and it is hoped the unit will be installed within six weeks. However, before installation it was essential to notify the Ambulance service of its existence and DW confirmed that some training was included in the cost of the defibrillator.
  • Pool Piece – The Clerk confirmed that upon notification from David Darwood that the new equipment had now been installed she had arranged for Wicksteed to carry out their annual inspection to comply with the Parish Council Insurance.

Items for consideration

  • Upon notification from the Pensions Regulator regarding re-declaration of compliance, the Clerk confirmed that she did not wish to take part in the Pension Scheme, and would notify the Regulator accordingly.
  • Bank Mandate – Cllr Packman had completed the necessary form to add him as a cheque signatory for the Parish Council and the Clerk confirmed that this would be submitted to the Bank.
  • Road closure at Bosbury Bridge – this work was due to commence on 1st November and it is hoped that the necessary work will be completed well within the time scale mentioned by Hereford Council/Balfour Beatty.
  • Notice board at top of common – it was agreed that some work was required to this notice board and the Chairman agreed to obtain a Quotation from Darren for the work plus adding a strip of felt at the back of the new notice board at the Memorial Hall to make it waterproof.


Finance – The Clerk advised the following Accounts had been received for payment -=

  • Adrian Hope – Little Pleck tree work                          £260.00. plus vat.
  • Viking, Cartridges                                                              £61.66. plus vat.
  • Lengthsman – work in August                                        £43.00.
  • Lengthsman – September including cost of spur     £108.00.
  • Ian Mackie, repair on footbridge                                    £19.30.
  • Marc Low, travel expenses for training                         £15.36.
  • Eyelid Productions, website training                             £70.00.
  • Clerk, salary September (no PAYE)                             £278.20.
  • Truprint Litho, Newsletter printing                            £255.00.
  • Williams, expenses re defibrillator.                            £378.90.
  • J. Fogarty, computer repair                                           £35.00.
  • Say it with wood, at Pool Piece                                   £900.00. plus vat.-

On a proposal by the Chairman seconded by DP the accounts were approved for payment and cheques signed accordingly.

Reports – The following reports were received

  • Memorial Hall – ML advised he had been unable to attend the last meeting of the Committee but advised that Debbie Harrison had re-joined the Committee, Alison Skinner has joined the Committee and that Karen Bain was no longer acting as Secretary.
  • Lengthsman/P3 – Damage at Pool Piece had been repaired, meeting of footpath group to take place on the 21st September and some work was to be carried out in an attempt to save the oak tree at the junction of Ledbury Road and Church Lane and finally that a new page had been added on the website advising of schedule of work.
  • Planning – DW advised as follows regarding recent planning applications –
  • Outside lighting application by the Gent family – planners not commenting on application.
  • The Becks – determination by planners that they are not satisfied with the surface water drainage arrangement.
  • Longworth House – application withdrawn – aware of stability tests on the land at the proposed point of the new access.
  • The Swallows – decision due in September – awaiting determination.
  • NDP – Following result of Referendum the Council proposed a sincere vote of thanks to the working party group and requested the Clerk to write to all members expressing their appreciation. Once NDP has been adopted by Hereford Council, the data concerning this project will be checked on and handed to the Clerk for safe keeping in an encrypted form. An offer has been submitted to meet the Sumner family regarding the ownership and the future of the land for possible development, with a view to them allowing a footpath across it and keeping a green space at the top of the plot. Due to the steepness of the plot, any planned development would then ideally be smaller and therefore affordable design.
  • Website – ML advised he and the Clerk had attended a training session in Hereford and it was agreed the NDP document should be published on the website following adoption.

Information Sheet – included Clerks & Councils Direct magazine; Clerk’s agreement that she did not wish to take up the option of a pension;  confirmation of order for an unaccompanied inspection of Pool Piece by Wicksteed to comply with the Parish Councils Insurance; risk assessment from David Darwood for Pool Piece; Minutes of NDP meeting on 22nd August 2018; Invitation to launch for Hereford Centre for Community-led housing;  Notice of Poll re NDP (displayed on four notice boards) and an Invitation to a Parish Council summit to be held in Shirehall, Hereford on 17th October 2018. The Clerk confirmed the balances held on the Parish Council accounts.

Future meetings – Finance meeting to be held on 13th November at 7.30 and the next Parish Council meeting to be held on 27th November 2018 in the Memorial Hall commencing at 7.30pm

There being no further business, the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 9pm.



Jennifer Jones                                                                                          27th November 2018

Signed…………………………………………………………………………………….   Dated…………………………………………