Minutes September 2021

Minutes of a Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday 28th September 2021 in the Memorial Hall commencing at 7.30pm

Present – Cllrs. J. Jones (in the Chair) D. Williams (DW), John Tearle (JT) and Roy Barnes (RB).

Also in attendance were P. Constantine (the Village correspondent), M. Beaumont and P. Brown.

Apologies for inability to attend the meeting had been received from Cllrs K. Shaw and H. Tierney.

Minutes – The Minutes of the meeting held on 27th July 2021 were taken as read, confirmed and signed by the Chairman.

Declarations of Interest in items on the Agenda.

Cllr H. Tierney had prior to the meeting declared to the Clerk and Councillors a Disclosable Pecuniary Interest (DPI) in the planning application No. 210276 – land on Ledbury Road, Wellington Heath  consisting of an outline planning application with all matters reserved except for access and layout for the construction of 6 No. detached dwellings with garages. Councillor Tierney was not present at the meeting. Her interest has been recorded in the Declarations of Interest book which will be signed at the next full Parish Council meeting.

No other Declarations of Interest were declared or received.

Open Session

(1) An apology for inability to attend the meeting had been received from Cllr. Liz Harvey.

(2)  A member of the public raised the question of the future of the oak tree and the renovation of the village signs but noted that these items were to be discussed later in the meeting.

Update on ongoing matters

  • Notice Boards – The new notice board for outside Old School House had been delivered and it was hoped this would be erected soon. It was agreed to leave the notice board on Horse Road in its present position and it was confirmed in her absence that Cllr Tierney could consult with Jeremy Newby with regard to renovation of the board on Horse Road. Thanks were expressed to Cllr Tierney for her detailed report on the present situation regarding renovation and/or replacement of all the local notice boards.                        Action – HT
  • Drainage problems – Cllr Tierney had composed a letter to Hereford Council raising our concerns with regard to drainage/flooding in the Parish. Copy of this letter also sent to MP Bill Wiggin who has replied advising he has taken the matter up with Herefordshire Council – we await a reply. A copy of this letter is published on Parish Council website for information. Cllr Liz Harvey has contacted Balfour Beatty Locality Steward Neil James who has attended and made an assessment of gullies and grids. Cllr Tierney had met with Neil James at this inspection. Some grids have been cleared resulting in some improvement. There has however been no work on culvert/ditches which is a far bigger problem for when funds are released. Ownership of the car park and pub lane to be investigated. Update at next meeting
  • Viaduct site – At the meeting in July 2021 Cllr Liz Harvey had indicated that this application for the development would be forthcoming within four to six weeks but to date this has not been received. The Parish Council still await further information. Update at next meeting.
  • Oak Tree – The Contractor who had carried out the remedial work last year had eventually advised the Clerk that he had, as requested by the Parish Council, made an inspection and felt that “for the time being” the oak tree was safe. Local Parishioner in attendance very unhappy about these comments and requested work done with some urgency particularly as local children wait for the school transport around the tree on a daily basis. He was also very unhappy about the area surrounding the tree. The Parish Council will now decide on the future of the tree in accordance with their previous discussion, possible carving of the stump or replacement to celebrate the Queen’s platinum jubilee but the lack of water which is available to the tree area must be borne in mind regarding any future of the area.  An item was to be placed in the Newsletter seeking comments on the fate of the tree.  However, in the meantime, it was agreed that the area would be tidied up when two or three local residents would attend, including Cllr Roy Barnes at 11am on Sunday 17th October 2021. Action RB.

Donation towards renovation of the Parish Signs – Thanks were expressed to the Rally Three Shires Stages rally for the donation of £325 to the Parish and it had been agreed that these funds would be used towards renovation of the Village signs.  Thanks were expressed to Cllr Roy Barnes for seeking these funds and it was agreed he would place a notice in the parish magazine advising on receipt of the funds and the forthcoming repair to signs. He confirmed he had asked Denise Wright to put forward some suggestions regarding the design of the signs.

Action – RB

  • Lengthsman – No success with advertisements. Cradley Parish Council about to speak to someone with a view to appointing a Lengthsman for their Parish. Cllr R. Barnes suggested enquiring if he would also be interested in working for Wellington Heath. It was suggested that perhaps several small parishes might be interested in joining together to make the job available on a more full time basis.  Clerk to enquire of HALC if they advertise Lengthsman vacancies and it was also agreed to put advertisements in the local shops in Colwall and Bosbury Barbers if possible.                                                                 Action – RB/Clerk

Items for consideration

  • Welcome Party -Cllr Kiel Shaw had confirmed in writing that the welcome party would take place on 13th November 2021 between 10am and 12 noon.
  • Finance meeting – Would take place on 16th November 2021 but Clerk to confirm whether this date was also convenient for Cllrs K. Shaw and H. Tierney. Venue to be decided.
  • Inspection at Pool Piece – It was discussed and agreed that an “accompanied inspection” should take place. Clerk to enquire if David Darwood would wish to attend the inspection on behalf of the Parish Council. Clerk to book the inspection with Wicksteed and enquire if it was possible to give a little prior notice of the inspection.

Financial matters – The following accounts had been paid during August 2021 when no Parish Council meeting was held –

  • Acorn Workshop, new notice board o/s Old School House £730.00.+ £146 vat.
  • Newby – stile to orchard and bridge £115.00.
  • Clerk salary £298.60.
  • Skip at Pool Piece £235.00. + £47. Vat.
  • HMRC – PAYE £51.40.

On a proposal by DW seconded by the Chairman and carried these Accounts were approved as valid for payment

The following Accounts were then submitted for payment at the meeting –

  • Truprint – printing newsletter £255.00.
  • Repair to Pool Piece notice board materials £55.93.
  • Clerk – salary £298.60.
  • HMRC – PAYE £51.40.

On a proposal by RB seconded by DW and carried these Accounts were approved for payment and cheque signed at the meeting.

The Clerk advised that the second instalment of the Precept for the current year had been received.


Reports from Committee members for

  • Memorial Hall – in his absence Cllr K Shaw had submitted a written report advising that the Bank account for the hall remains healthy and a new banking mandate had been completed. Looking at ways to attract new use of the hall and possible provision of a wooden shelter and seating outside which could be of similar construction to the one in Pool Piece. Storage space also being investigated. Plans to celebrate the Queen’s platinum jubilee celebrations either by a commemorative replacement planting of a tree or sculpting of the old oak tree. Next meeting of the Village Hall committee would take place on 1st November 2021.
  • NDP – DW advised that there was no update on the NDP which remained as reported at the last meeting.
  • Planning – Only one application received since the last meeting for the erection of six detached houses on land on the Ledbury Road. An initial application in 2017 was refused by Herefordshire Planners, but a second outline application with a revised access proposal was granted in February 2019. This was for five detached four bedroom houses. The current application is for six 4-bedroom detached houses. This parcel of land on Ledbury Road is allocated site 19a south in Wellington Heath’s NDP. Policy WH7 of the NDP relates to development at this site and Herefordshire Planners will be reminded that the current application for six 4-bedroom houses does not conform to this policy. The new application with all matters reserved apart from access has been reviewed by Herefordshire’s Transportation Department who have asked for more details to be submitted regarding the access which is currently proposed. The Parish Council agree that the development must be in accordance with our NDP.

New house on Ochre Hill – The developers wish to do some connection work to the central services and make a connection to the main sewer. Developers plan to dig up Ochre Hill for connection to the sewerage system.  However as Ochre Hill is privately owned and being a private right of way permission is required.  DW had tried to contact the case Officer for this house without success to enquire that the correct documentation had been submitted.

Information – brief update on correspondence and other matters –

  • Oak Tree – Had been inspected by Ancient Oaks and was considered safe for the time being.
  • Banking – It was confirmed that the Parish Council would continue with cheque banking.
  • Clerk’s Pension – The Clerk confirmed she did not wish to receive a pension.
  • Police Visits – Would be made twice yearly – possible commencement March 2022.
  • Letter to Hereford Council regarding drainage/flooding was on website for public   MP Bill Wiggin has also taken the matter up with the Council.
  • Queen’s Jubilee – No information or advice from Central Government regarding any proposals for this event.
  • Grass Cutting – It was considered the once yearly cut in the autumn was inadequate and the PC would consider reverting to twice yearly for 2022.
  • Parish Council Insurance Co. had advised change of name from Came & Co. to “Gallagher”.
  • Update received from Cllr K. Shaw on Memorial Hall and from Cllr H. Tierney regarding notice boards.

Consideration to be given to re-filling of salt bins.  Storage of large quantity of salt being a problem.

RB has met with Footpath Officer regarding complaint received from Mr. Allsop with possible inclusion of advice to public on use of footpaths and closing of gates to be published in the next Newsletter.

Action – RB.

The Plecks – JT now contacting other groups to see if they will assist regarding The Plecks commencing with clearing the land and the drainage ditch.                                                                       Action – JT.

Broadband – DW advised he had spoken to Gigaclear today  but reported that progress had stalled and areas not covered at the last meeting remain uncovered. Problem appears to be local resistance by not allowing Wayleave and Gigaclear to proceed with the work. Third area had progressed by utilising BT poles and infrastructure and it had been agreed that someone would report back to Cllr Williams in due course.

Newsletter Editor has reminded Councillors that he wished to place photographs of all Councillors in the next edition of the Newsletter and will e-mail everyone about this.

Items for Agenda at November full Parish Council meeting on Tuesday 30th November 2021.

  1. Lengthsman (RB).
  2. Signs (RB).
  3. Defibrillator (DW).

There being no further business the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 9.15pm.


Jennifer Jones                                                                30th November 2021.

Signed……………………………………………………………………..   Dated……………………….