Minutes 2017 July

Minutes of a meeting of Wellington Heath Parish Council held on Tuesday

25th July 2017 in the Memorial Hall commencing at 7.30pm.

Present – Cllrs. J. Jones (JJ – in the Chair) F. Rozelaar (FR) D. Williams (DW) and the Clerk.

An apology for inability to attend had been received and was approved from Cllr. D. Packman.

Minutes – The minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council held on 24th May 2017 were taken as read, confirmed and signed by the Chairman, subject to one minor amendment.

Declarations of Interest in items on the Agenda – none received.

Open Session

  1. County Councillor Liz Harvey had advised she was unable to attend the meeting but had confirmed to FR that the Ledbury NDP was likely to go to Reg 14 in September 2017.

  2. There were no members of the public in attendance.

Items for consideration

  1. Dates for future meetings were agreed as 26th September and 28th November 2017 with a Finance meeting taking place on 14th November 2017 to set both the Budget and Precept for 2018/19.

  2. Transparency Grant – The Clerk had ascertained that a Grant was payable by HALC for setting up the Parish Council website and purchase of a computer for the Clerk as the Council did not own a computer. Chairman and Clerk authorised to complete various forms and proceed towards claiming for a grant.

Financial – The Clerk advised the following Accounts were due for payment –

  1. Frank Rozelaar expenses incurred £15.30.

  2. Lengthsman for June £127.00.

  3. HALC – web hosting £30.00. plus VAT.

  4. Data Protection £35.00.

On a proposal by JJ seconded by FR and carried these accounts were approved for payment and cheques signed.

Reports from committees and working parties

  • Memorial Hall – The Chairman advised that the race night had been successful and a good fund raiser. It was not planned to increase the hire charges at present. No further event planned at the present time.

  • Lengthsman/P3 schemes – FR advised nothing further to report at the moment.

  • Planning applications received – FR advised on planning applications received and the comments which had been agreed by Councillors.

  1. Land adjacent to The Croft – supported in principle.

  2. Land at Ledbury Road – five new dwellings – no objection in principle.

  3. Land opposite The Gables – one new dwelling – opposed to this.

July 2010/11

  • Website – Due to problems with his computer, FR advised he had been unable to update the website but would do so immediately his new computer arrived.

  • NDP – FR advised that the working group had commenced analysis for Reg 14 consultation and that overall the comments were mainly supportive and they were looking at the various points which people had raised which it appeared could be a fairly lengthy process.

Councillor reports on minor matters and items for the Agenda for the September meeting – it was agreed Councillors would look to replace another notice board during this financial year and discussion took place regarding which, if any, notice boards could done away with or moved to a more suitable position. Cllr Packman had agreed to do a survey of the boards in time for the September meeting.

There being no further business, the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 9.30pm.

Next meeting to take place, as agreed, on 26th September 2017.

Jennifer Jones



Approved and dated 26th September 2017.