Minutes January 2017

MINUTES of a meeting of Wellington Heath Parish Council held on Thursday 5th January 2017 in the Memorial Hall, Wellington Heath commencing at 7.30pm

Present – Cllrs. J. Jones (JJ – in the Chair), F. Rozelaar (FR) and D. Williams (DW).

Also in attendance were the Clerk and Mr. Mike Thomas.

Minutes – The Minutes of the meeting held on 29th November 2016 were taken as read, confirmed and signed by the Chairman.

Declarations of interest in items on the Agenda – none received or declared.

County Councillor –County Councillor Liz Harvey had apologised that she was unable to attend the meeting but had issued a brief update report which had been circulated to all Councillors prior to the meeting.

Update on outstanding issues

  1. The Farmers Arms – The Clerk had submitted a request to Herefordshire Council seeking advice how the Parish Council could re-register the Pub as an Asset of Community Value, but it appeared the person who dealt with these matters was away “long term sick” from the Council but had been advised that he would reply on his return in due course.

  2. Website & Newsletter – FR advised the website appeared to be working well. The Chairman agreed to speak with Marc Low regarding Invoicing for advertisements in the Newslestter and report back at the next meeting.

  3. Precept – No queries had been raised regarding the advertised Budget and Precept level for 2017/18 so the Clerk confirmed she had submitted a form setting the precept at £9,000.

  4. Free Defibrillators – DW had spoken with Weobley Parish Council who had taken up the offer of a defibrillator enquiring how much trouble they had experienced in taking up the offer, from which it appeared there are several Companies offering these free defibrillators. He had also endeavoured to make contact with West Midlands Ambulance Service but the suggested contact on the website was out of date. DW was of the opinion this was the best course of action and would continue to try to make contact with them and report back at the next Meeting in March.

Items for considerationBroadband – Following the Government’s statement regarding Broadband availability, the matter was discussed at length and agreed that a letter should be submitted seeking confirmation that Wellington Heath will not be left out of these latest proposals. Patrick Adams (former Chairman of W/H Parish Council) will write an item for the Newsletter and it was agreed to order a few extra copies of the Newsletter to be printed to enable it to be circulated to out-reach areas in the Parish seeking to encourage people to request an improvement of their service and raise the level of their requirement.

January 2017/02

Finance – The Clerk advised the following two Accounts were due for payment –

  • Lengthsman for December £107.00.
  • Memorial Hall, hire fees £64.80.

The following Accounts had already been paid for the NDP

  • Wellingtion Heath Memorial Hall, hire fees £236.40.
  • Aspect Design, printing £182.50.

On a proposal by FR seconded by DW and carried, the above Accounts were approved for payment and cheques signed accordingly.


  1. Memorial Hall – JJ advised new inspection being carried out on 23rd January for insurance purposes , some lighting being changed to LEDs and the only planned event to date is on 10th June for a race night which it has been suggested as a black-tie event to try to encourage attendance.

  2. Lengthsman/P3 schemes – Still waiting for Darren Hill to erect the new notice board at the Memorial Hall. Small amount of work done at Ochre Hill, but in view of the credit balance under the funding from Balfour Beatty/Hereford Council it was proposed to carry out more work at Ochre Hill and Harry’s walk. The “expression of interest form” for next year has been submitted and FR agreed to speak with Neil James regarding the situation now the wall has been completed at Swallow Farm.

  3. NDP – At the review meeting in December – Option three of the settlement boundary had been agreed, good support for the strategic gap, some of the development sites seemed acceptable, good feedback from Herefordshire Council who will no doubt have more comments to make at Reg.14. Some positive feedback from local Parishioners but it appeared that further consultation will be required before the Parish Council are ready to go to Reg.14.

  4. Planning

  1. Cardiff Cottage – Clerk to advise Planning that at the NDP consultation two-thirds of residents had opted for a settlement boundary which includes the site of Cardiff Cottage.

  2. Squires Mount – discussed and agreed the Council would object to the proposal on access grounds.

  3. Travellers site – application to come up before Planning Committee, actual date not yet known, but possibly February or March 2017. Colin Davis has kindly agreed to attend the meeting to act as the Objectors Representative but it was hoped more local people would attend in support. Cllr. Rozelaar to attend as the Parish Council Representative.

  4. The Wainhouse – Agreed to reply “no comment”.

Public Question Time – attending the meeting was Mr. Mike Thomas who spoke in support of the Parish Council’s proposed actions over the Broadband issue.

January 2017/3

Information Sheet

  • 2 No. Clerks & Councils Direct magazines.
  • Western Power Distribution summary report for 2015/16.
  • Letter from British Red Cross regarding support at home service in Herefordshire.
  • Expenditure update on Lengthsman funding.
  • Current Bank balances reported.
  • Information Corner from HALC.

Dates for future meetings

  • Next Parish Council meeting to take place on 21st March 2017.
  • Annual Parish Meeting on 25th April 2017.
  • Annual Meeting of the Parish Council on 23rd May 2017.

There being no further business the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 9.35pm.