Minutes Nov 2017

MINUTES of a meeting of Wellington Heath Parish Council

held on Tuesday 21st November 2017 in the Memorial Hall commencing at 7.30pm

Present – Cllrs. J. Jones (in the Chair) D. Williams (DW) F. Rozelaar (FR) and D. Packman (DP).

Minutes – The Minutes of the meeting held on 25th September 2017 were taken as read, confirmed and signed by the Chairman.

Declarations of Interest in items on the Agenda – None received.

Open Session – Cllr. Liz Harvey was not present at the meeting and there were no members of the public in attendance.

Update Reports

(1) Notice Board at Staplow – Following a circular to Staplow residents four replies had been received regarding the retention of the notice board – three residents happy for it to be removed with one in favour of it being retained. It was therefore decided not to proceed with either replacement or repairs to the board on the Scout hut land and the Lengthsman was to be asked to remove it.

(2) Welcome Party – Agreed for 20th January 2018 and the Chairman agreed to be responsible for refreshments .

(3) Motor Homes – The Enforcement Officer had inspected and it was agreed to monitor the situation next year.

Items for consideration

1) Defibrillator-
DW reported that funding towards the provision of a defibrillator for Wellington Heath was available from the Ledbury Community Heartbeat Trust and following discussion, it was generally agreed that the correct position for this was in the telephone box on The Common adjacent to Pool Piece. Following lengthy discussion it was also agreed to purchase the Heartsafe defibrillator.

Resolved – On a proposal by DW seconded by JJ and carried is was agreed to proceed with the defibrillator with the Heartsafe system (which included free training) subject to raising additional funds at the New Years Eve party at The Farmers Arms. DW agreed to complete and submit the application for funding in the hope that the application could be included on the Agenda at a meeting of the Community Heartbeat Trust in Ledbury on 28th November 2017.

2) Broadband levels – FR stated he hoped that Broadband will make contact with the Parish Council in about twelve months time in the hope that the broadband facilities in the area could be improved and upgraded.

The Finance Committee had met on 14th November 2017 and agreed the proposed Budget for 2018/19 which had been advertised on the Parish notice board at The Memorial Hall – no enquiries or adverse comments had been received and on a proposal by JJ seconded by FR and carried, the budget was agreed for 2018/19 and the level of precept agreed at £9,500. for that year. Clerk to submit appropriate form to claim precept to Herefordshire Council.

November 2017/15

Finance – The Clerk advised the following accounts had been received for payment –

  • Lengthsman – September & October £63.50.

  • Gordon Kirk, hedge cut £21.00.

  • Petty cash top up for NDP payments £119.74.

Resolved – On a proposal by FR seconded by DP and carried, these accounts were approved for payment and cheques signed accordingly.


  1. Memorial Hall – JJ advised date agreed for welcome party, discussion re trees overhanging The Copse and that the correct boundary for the Memorial Hall was being investigated. WHADS will be hiring the hall on a Friday on a monthly basis.

  2. Lengthsman – DP had attended informative session regarding future of Lengthsman and P3 schemes. No further funding was available for the Lengthsman for 2018/19 but funding for the P3 scheme could be claimed at £50km with a mandatory contribution of £15km (pro rata depending on level of grant applied for). An expression of interest form to be returned by 15th January 2018 and an annual maintenance plan returned by end of February 2018. Neither of the signs for The Common or The Swallow can be repositioned as the road sign for The Common must be at the top of the road. There is not an alternative place for the sign The Swallow to be position between houses No 1 to 7 on the roadside in the middle of these properties below the official road sign.

Planning – Response to the appeal for the gypsy site has been sent off and acknowledged. No objections raised to the proposed riding arena at Burtons Farm.

NDP – discussion on present situation of the NDP discussed.

  • Resolved – on a proposal by FR seconded by DP and carried, it was agreed the NDP go forward to Regulation16.

  • Further resolved – on a proposal by DW seconded by the Chairman and carried it was agreed that the Landscape Sensitivity and Capacity Assessment have been adopted.

  • Further resolved that the Parish Council will hold an Extraordinary Meeting as soon as all the paper work is in place.

Website – agreed to take further training in due course, the cost of which has been included in the Transparency grant application.

Information Sheet included two Clerk magazines, dispensation guide for Councillors, letter from Herefordshire Council re travellers’ sites Development Plan with consultation between 6th November and 18th December 2017 and up to date Bank balances.

Dates agreed for meetings for 2018 included 30th January, 27th March, Parish meeting on 24th April and the Annual Meeting of the PC on 29th May.

Signed……………………………………………………………… Chairman. Dated……………………………………………