Planning in Wellington Heath

Herefordshire Council is the planning authority and you can search for a planning application and all the supporting documents, (including responses to the application by neighbours and other parties, as well as any decisions made), here: Planning application search

Planning applications in the parish of Wellington Heath and Parish Council responses are posted here 

Herefordshire Council do not hold Planning Surgeries any more around the County.

These, (including the regular Ledbury surgery), ceased several years ago.

They do however provide free informal advice and they recommend getting in touch by emailing:

Their post and phone contact details are:

Planning information services are located at Plough Lane, Hereford HR4 0LE

Post to: Planning Services, PO Box 230, Hereford HR1 2ZB

Tel: 01432 260386

Otherwise for all new proposed developments, Parishioners should seek general advice by visiting the following page:

….with the main planning page being here:

Due to the growing number of public developments in recent years, and the strain that was put on their planning departments, Herefordshire Council now offer a commercial service too……where the public can pay a fee for advice (in the form of paid consultations)……..Here is a link to a page with the services they offer and their charges:

The Planning Portal

This is the UK Government’s online planning and building regulations resource for England and Wales and is a useful FREE portal for gaining general planning advice: